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Update: Victim's name in fatal Audubon shooting released

One person was killed, one arrested for a fatal shooting in Audubon Tuesday. Kaysey Price / Tribune1 / 2
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The Becker County Sheriff's Office has released the name of the victim of the fatal Audubon shooting that occurred late Tuesday afternoon: Steven Scott Lafazia, 35. Lafazia has no permenant address.

No other information is being released at this time. The incident remains under investigation.

Original story:

A suspect in the fatal Audubon shooting that occurred late Tuesday afternoon has been booked into the Becker County Jail and charged. Michaelray Ericthomas Mason, 29, of Fergus Falls, faces one count of felony second degree murder without intent and a second count of felony possession of a firearm.

According to the complaint filed by the Becker County Attorney Thursday, Mason called 911 from a residence in Audubon, stating he "just shot him" and that he "put like six rounds in him."

Audubon Police Chief Eric Hegna arrived at the residence along the 200 block of Eagle Street within minutes. At that time, it was confirmed that there was a deceased male in the home.

The victim and Mason apparently knew one another; the two had been staying at Mason's mother's house in the small, Minnesota town.

According to the complaint, the two walked around town Tuesday afternoon and began drinking. Mason alleges that when they returned home, the victim "was drunk and became verbally combative with him." After trying to separate himself from the victim, Mason alleges the victim entered a bedroom he was in and "came at him."

Mason admitted to retrieving his mother's .38 caliber pistol from a box in the bedroom, aiming the firearm at the victim and shooting numerous times. During questioning, Mason repeatedly stated he "had no choice." According to the complaint, Mason stated that the victim "was coming at him with his arms extended at the time Mason shot him." The next day during questioning, Mason stated that the victim's fists were clenched by his side and reaching for a knife when he shot the victim.

Officers did not observe any significant injuries on Mason during their investigation.

According to cell phone records, Mason called his girlfriend at 4:36 p.m. The complaint says Mason was "panicked," and he told her that the victim "was coming after him again, and if he didn't quit, he was going to get shot." Mason called 911 at 4:41 p.m., reporting shots fired. He was arrested at the scene shortly after.

Authorities from a variety of local law enforcement departments blocked off the street where the shooting occured and worked late into the night to process the scene.

Becker County Sheriff Todd Glander, whose department is helping to head up the investigation, along with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Audubon Police Department, said they were not ready to release the name of the victim.

Mason has been convicted of a number of other offences dating back to 2007 when he was charged for second degree burglary and fourth degree property damage. The burglary charge was dropped.

In 2009, he was involved in another burglary in Otter Tail County. According to the complaint, he and another man, Koal T. Shamp, tried to break into a home by entering through a window. The homeowner awoke and, out of reported fear for his own safety, shot at the burglars. Shamp sustained a gunshot wound to his hip. Shamp was charged with burglary in the incident, while Mason was charged with disorderly conduct.

Mason also has three drug charges, including a conviction for felony fifth degree drug possession of marijuana in 2011, making it illegal for him to be in possession of a firearm.

Mason faces up to 40 years in prison for second degree murder and 15 years and or a $30,000 fine for felony possession of a firearm.