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Vandalism at baseball field in Deer Creek

Sheriff deputies reported that officials in Deer Creek, on March 27, reported vandalism at the city's baseball field facilities.

Deer Creek is located northeast of Henning.

"Graffiti was found and three doors had been kicked in at the facility," aid County Sheriff Administrative Lt. Keith Van Dyke on Thursday, March 28, during a news media briefing at the county sheriff office adjacent to the courthouse just south of downtown Fergus Falls.

Nothing was stolen and there were no immediate suspects.

Road hazard reported southeast of Rothsay

Water covered some of the roadway on Highway 88, southeast of Rothsay, on Wednesday, March 27.

The main problem areas were between 300th Street and Highway 10, where Highway 88 runs along a north and south route, just northwest of the town of Carlisle.

Road warning signs were installed.