Question: Is it true that if you drop a lost driver’s license in a mailbox, the United States Postal Service will mail it to the owner? I’ve heard that you can just put it in the drop box and they will get it to them.

Answer: This is a good question. I visited the USPS website and was unable to find an answer. So I contacted one of the local post offices and was advised by the postmaster they would indeed forward it on.

You could also send it to Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) in St. Paul, or bring it to a deputy registrar, driver’s license agent office or a DVS exam station and staff will securely destroy the license. DVS does not return licenses to the address on the card, because licenses contain private information and the address on the license may not be the cardholder’s current address.

Here are some potentially better options in my opinion.

Having served as a State Trooper for over 20 years and dealing with people and their driver’s license, I often find their address on this document is not up-to-date. I see this every day, if not several times every day. The issue becomes it may not make it to the correct residence.

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Contact law enforcement, whether it’s the local police department, sheriff’s office or the Minnesota State Patrol, and give the driver’s license to them. They will use their options to contact the license owner. If the owner is not located, it will still be safe, secured and properly destroyed after all options are exhausted.

DVS generally does not forward mail. Minnesota law requires a person apply for a new driver’s license within 30 days of changing their address. Important information regarding your driving privileges and registration are sent to the address listed on your record. If you fail to update your address, you will most likely not get what you need.