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This is one gun bill that needs to be passed pronto

Before a deranged mass murderer unloaded onto a Las Vegas crowd, creating the deadliest shooting attack in U.S. history, not a lot of people seemed to know what a bump stock was. Even many avid sportsmen are admitting they had never heard of it before. But this little $100 legal accessory was what transformed the murderer's semi-automatic into a fully automatic weapon capable of spraying nine rounds per second. Video of that night is nothing short of chilling as the thumping rounds can be heard firing off in deadly succession. There was no need for the murderer to point and aim at anybody in particular—he only had to pull the trigger back and spray wildly, thanks to his bump stock. This little device needs to be illegal.

Do not misunderstand what we are suggesting. The second amendment should remain strong. Citizens should always have the right to own guns, and not for one second should the government ever take away Americans' rights to protect themselves and their families the way they see fit or their ability to hunt game if they so choose. The day politicians even try to touch these rights is the day they might as well sign away their jobs because it's something Americans must never let happen.

However, our constitutional right to bear arms does not necessarily give us the right to manufacture and own weapons of mass destruction, which is what these are. No hunter or homeowner needs to fire off 540 bullets per minute.

This isn't the time for dramatics, either, because Sunday night's tragedy was dramatic and horrifying enough. It is dramatic to want to protect the right to buy a bump stock using the protections of the second amendment or by saying "Bad people will always find a way to kill." That's nothing more than an obvious statement. But when our forefathers were constructing the second amendment, they certainly did not have bump stocks in mind, given the fact that they've only been around for about a decade and only made legal since 2010 when the ATF and Obama administration made them so.

In this day and age with all of our evolution as humans and advanced minds, let's be real and be reasonable. Would this murderer still been able to wreak havoc and cause a lot of deaths if he didn't have the advantage of a bump stock? Sure. Nobody is disputing that. But would he have had the ability to take as many lives and injure as many people as he did with it? Minus an ability to build a bomb—probably not. And by the way, mental illness and what some call "the decay of society" may be to blame for these shootings (not the guns themselves) but those things aren't going away anytime soon, so in the meantime, let's adjust accordingly.

A bill—led by Republicans—is now being introduced to congress to outlaw bump stocks, and it's one that every single member of Congress should approve without hesitation.