This Friday, July 26, we are hosting the 35th Annual Tuffy Nelson Golf Classic benefiting important causes and charities.

Every year the tournament causes me to reflect on conversations that my dad, Kenny, and I have had over the years. One of those conversations I will never forget took place a few years ago when my dad shared with me just how difficult it had been launching one of our businesses. In fact, he was told multiple times by multiple people that he should strongly consider packing it in, dissolving the business and taking a salesperson’s position with another company.

Thankfully he chose to stick with it and he and many strong people he surrounded himself with were able to turn the corner and, well, the rest is history. I think it’s safe to say that things might look a bit different around here had he packed it in.

Today, Perham has a ton of outstanding leadership and I like to believe my dad’s work ethic and “never give up” attitude helped inspire others as much as they inspired me.

Charlie Nelson

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