I have been involved in many aspects of cycling for 15 years. I am in favor of the Perham to Pelican Recreational Trail. I understand the economic benefits of trails. Cyclists spend money riding through towns. Families book vacations, meet friends, shop because they have a safe trail on which to take their family. For many, trails and recreational opportunities are a deciding factor when moving and purchasing a home.

I have been involved in several bike clubs in Minnesota and California. These clubs use the trails and will often drive many miles to have a safe place to ride. I understand recreational trails are expensive, especially when designed and engineered for long-term quality. I also understand that the revenue used to fund these trails comes from taxes to some extent. However, this trail perfectly fits with the forward, progressive and family-friendly atmosphere that Perham is so greatly known for throughout the Midwest.

Please support this trail and all that is has to offer our community and beyond.

Laura Nyhus