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Letter: Quit whining; fat shaming is warranted

I'm responding to Mike McFeely's Feb. 21st column (in the Fargo Forum) in which he writes about columnist Alan Linda's firing for public "fat shaming." McFeely wrote: "The question for the Journal is how it responds to public pressure next time readers get upset about a column or news story. Did the paper just set a standard that will determine future decisions? This is a question columnists (especially paid ones) want to know."

I am in absolute agreement with McFeely. He is right to wonder if this will set a precedent for further censorship. It is better to publish too much than too little, and knee-jerk reaction-ism has no place in a free press. It's also disturbing that the Fergus Falls Daily Journal fired Linda over an "ad hominem attack." Ad hominem attacks are also part of a free press. (I know. McFeely and I exchanged a couple.)

Now about "body shaming," it's awful! How dare we suggest that someone with self-imposed obesity ought to exercise a little self-discipline? That's preposterous; whimpering about "fat shamers" is a far better solution.

In fact, I think we should impose consequences on those who mock others' lack of self-control. How about having Ashley Graham sit on them?

My point is, everyone has something about them that merits ridicule. Quit whining already!

This letter was originally submitted to the Fargo Forum, a Forum Communications Co. newspaper.