I want to bring attention to this random act of kindness on the part of a young woman in the parking lot at Service Foods in Perham last week. I had just finished bringing my groceries to my car and placed them in the back. I opened the door, climbed into my car and put the key into the ignition. I closed the door, buckled my seatbelt and tried to turn the key. It would not turn. I looked at the key and tried again. Wouldn't turn. I got out my other key and tried it. No luck. As I opened the door and started to get out and get help, a young woman was walking past and I said, "hey, do you know anything about cars?" "A little," she replied. "What's the trouble?" I told her my predicament and she said, "oh, yes. That used to happen to me sometimes. Is your steering wheel locked?" "I don't know, I'll check it. Yes," I said. "Well, then just jerk on the wheel and it will free up and you'll be ready to go." I did and it worked and I thanked her profusely. "No, problem," she said. "Have a good rest of the day." And she disappeared into the store. I just want her and everyone who knows her to know how she saved my day with that small act of kindness for a mature, you might even say, elderly, lady.


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(Gail Schroer, Ottertail)