Last Saturday I was outside enjoying the beautiful day when it was interrupted by the all to familiar sound of a helicopter spraying the nearby potato fields, with chemicals that drift on to people and property. At this point ,I like others, had to make the decision to breath shallow or put the kids in the house and close the windows. This is no way to live my Vacation! There are things people can do to make a difference. First off educate yourself about the hazards of the chemicals being used on these fields. A great website for this is

On Netflix there is a great documentary filled with scary information called GMO/OMG. It's a must see. Most people don't have time to get involved with petitions, protests and writing letters. I understand this but there is a way to make a huge difference and it is quite easy. Don't buy chemically grown potatoes, do you really want to ingest potatoes with 35 pesticide residues anyway. In 1999 RDO (net worth $500 million) the owner of the potato farm's said if the public wants GMO potatoes he will grow them. The market, not the people who live near his potato fields will decide! RDO grows organic potatoes in other areas, why not here? Protect yourself and kids, dictate the market, buy only organic potatoes, you can make a difference.

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Mike Wasche,