My 5-year-old grandson, who is a kindergartner, came over with a packet of fund raising material full of worthless crap to help raise money for things that are not covered in the school budget. This is just typical for the way things are done in Perham.

The yes voters and school board members wanted a new school but never thought past the building. This type of thinking is like a person who buys a new car and then it sits in the driveway because they can't afford to put gas in it.

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My grandson is being told by adults to do this, people we pay to teach our kids and not to use them. Don't spin it like he has a choice - he's 5.

I am not shocked but disgusted by this. When people feel it is alright to pimp out my grandson for their own short sightedness, I hope at the least when they are done using him they buy him a Happy Meal. So when he and other kindergarteners are knocking on your door, yes voters dig deep and shut up. You made this mess. Until next time...

Mike Wasche,