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Your letters - Nov. 30 edition

Articles on adoption excellent

The articles on adoption were excellent. Thanks to the families who were willing to be interviewed. Both stories gave such a clear picture of what is involved when one makes a decision to adopt. I appreciated their honesty.

People who have not had the privilege of adopting or have not walked alongside adoptive couples often make hurtful statements about how much easier it is to adopt that to go through the months of carrying a baby and experiencing the pain of labor. They don't have a clue.

Or they tell an adoptive child that his or her mother didn't love him/her and " gave him/her away." Little do they know the pain and agony of a decision to place their child into the arms of another family. It is a sacrifice like none other.

So, if there is anyone out there who is considering placing their child in adoption, please hear this voice..It is a loving choice. And if you are considering adopting a child, don't give up. This child that enters your family will be 'worth the wait.'

Dori Mitchell,