Crazy has a voice and it is loud and clear in Perham.

Please let me explain, Perham does not try to keep up with the Jones, Perham is the Jones. We have a historic school building deemed unfit due to a crack in the wall and failing infrastructure. It was proposed to be demolished at the cost of $200,000, but all of a sudden as if it's a Christmas gift it can be repurposed by a group of people called "locals in the know."

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We are so lucky to have these unnamed community minded heroes that know what is best for Perham. The only obstacle these forward thinkers have to overcome is selling this $14 million to $20 million idea to the community. Saying it is for your health in a needed wellness center (fancy word for PACC). It is surprising when you wrap a crazy idea and spin it by saying its for the kids or for your health, it makes people feel like they are un American to not see the big picture.

The city has asked for a $1.3 million increase or 6.58 more tax levy (and they will get it) over and above last year, and now the "locals" want the city to take over the financial burden of the old school. Where is Fred and Mitch now? They had all the answers before.

Don't let these people stand on their soap boxes and preach that they know better because they care. Draw a line in the sand and Vote "NO." It's all smoke and mirrors. The reality is they have a building that needs to be dealt with and they don't know what to do.

I have a solution. I will personally pay for sledge hammers for the "locals in the know" and "yes" voters to demolish the old school and then they can donate the $200,000 to the city for future projects, I just saved the taxpayer's $14 million to $20 million. You can thank me later. If their idea doesn't sound crazy why should mine?

Mike Wasche - President

Wasche's Machine Shop, Inc