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Vote 'no' and force more practical solutions

Congratulations and thank you Fred Lehmkuhl for voting 'no' on the plans to move forward for more money to repurpose the old school. It looks like the rest of the council is trying to smear you for it.

I can't understand why we didn't build a second and third floor on top of the newer part of the old high school. That would have given them all the room they needed at a much lower price. The same could've been done with the old hospital. That building has been repurposed for the elderly and office space and PT, etc. If these buildings are good enough to be repurposed for anything, they are good enough for a school and a hospital.

The only reason the city council and planning commission and 'yes' voters wanted a new school and hospital is to show off so they could attract new businesses and new people to move here. I know it grows the town, but these two unnecessary, expensive buildings were built because of pride.

I see Perham Pride stickers on the back of cars and in stores and riddled in the paper all the time. Remember folks, "Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit goes before a fall." It was pride that caused Lucifer to be cast down out of heaven, his name changed to Satan and the rest is history. There is nothing good about pride. Those two buildings could've been very nicely remodeled and expanded for all the room needed, for a lot less.

Now we have two million-plus dollar buildings and they want to repurpose the old school for another $14-20 million and they want the people of Perham, the county and the state to pay for it. Just how much financial burden do you think you can dump on the people of Perham?

Mike Wasche is right—it is amazing how you can spin a crazy idea by saying "it's for the kids" or "it's for your health" and that somehow makes it worthwhile. Makes you feel un-American to live in Perham if you voted 'no.'

I sincerely wish Perham citizens would wake up and take a hard look at what's happening in Perham because of growth. This town is nothing like the safe, quiet, law-abiding community it was when I was a kid. For heaven's sake, vote 'no' and force these councils and committees to find cheaper, more practical solutions for this old building. It's what you should've done with the referendum last year.

Connie Koehnen,