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LETTER: No more taxpayer money to group without full disclosure

If someone gave you a million dollars wouldn't they ask for the names of the individuals receiving the money? This didn't happen when $620,000 in grant money and $310,000 in abatement money was given to Grow Perham, LLC to build a 24-plex apartment in Perham. Nobody on the Otter Tail County Board, Perham School Board or the city Council asked for full disclosure of Grow Perham's membership. All that was needed was the name of the organization and a contact person to receive the nearly one million dollars of taxpayer money.

Grow Perham is looking for more taxpayers help to build more apartments and why not when the last one was 40 percent funded by the taxpayers? The county gave special treatment to Grow Perham by changing the abatement policy for "this project only." Per agreement, "does not require payback of abatement taxes."

It is my opinion not one more cent of taxpayer money should be given to any group or organization who doesn't fully disclose its entire membership. If this is a State problem we need a law for full disclosure of membership to prevent this type of funding. If it is a Perham problem where membership is not disclosed, we need an investigation.

Rick Snelgrove,

New York Mills