Minnesota's icy, slick, snowy and oh so cold conditions make it difficult for many with health challenges to be outdoors.

Never fear there is small town Minnesota Nice Angels all over...taking this into consideration, I just had to share some of my Perham-Dent "Thankful" experiences. It starts out with a swing by my accountant, who was ever so gracious to run the paperwork out. Then off to the PACC, where, as numerous times before, there was someone who stood and waited for me (at my ever so slow turtle pace), just to get the doors for me.

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Then it was off to the pool area, where the diligent life guard supplied my floatation device and numerous swimmers asked "how are you." Next was the grocery store experience of getting in the door and using the riding cart. (Yes, that works for me - but watch out for my cart driving). Thanks to the person who helped me fill up my water containers, to the one who said, "here let me get that off the shelf for you." Then it was the person who stopped and said, "You know you have a special place in my heart." Wow, that's a keeper! Yes, that was me trying to navigate a snow covered curb and finding my feet were stuck and would not move-thanks to the person who stopped and helped me get "unstuck."

Off to the Post Office where I was deciding if I could navigate the six feet to the door, when a car pulled up and the driver said, "I think I am here to give you my arm." Wow, God does take note of even the smallest prayer! This is just a sampling of my Minnesota Nice Angel experiences as my moving is hindered by this thing called Multiple Sclerosis.

So all you mentioned and unmentioned folks, know that you are a blessing to many and especially to me. Small town Minnesota Nice Angels are everywhere, so take note the warmth that radiates from their hearts warms up even these icy, slick, snowy and oh so cold conditions to a "Spring Thaw."

Glory to God and Thanks to all the Minnesota nice Angels!

Colleen Sazama,