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Letter: Article on bus drivers interesting

Having spent over 50 years involved in school transportation in Perham, it was with interest that I read the article in the March 1 issue of the Focus about school bus drivers. It was especially interesting to read about Dennis Zitzow's school bus driving career. Dennis and Marilyn should be close to 100 years driving bus.

It takes a special personality to be a school bus driver. Some years ago, I gave each driver a coffee mug on which it was printed, "Anyone can drive a car, but it takes someone special to drive a school bus."

Over those many years, I probably hired and trained 100 or more drivers. Some decided that driving school bus, with all of those responsibilities, was not for them.

There was an error in the article. It stated that Ed Bauck, my father, hired Dennis. I, myself, hired him in late summer of 1962. My father had died, at age 60, on March 17 of that year.

Bill Bauck,