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Letter: The more things change, the more they stay the same

The HUB project is a perfect example of the more things change, the more they stay the same. The HUB, according to the Focus, is groundbreaking, never been tried and no one will profit from it, says the Focus. Where do they possibly come up with this information? It is being dreamed up once again like the Golf course club house, ITOW, PACC, hospital and new school. All the things that are supposedly necessary and beneficial. These projects are started with tactics that are caustic to the community and shrouded in the cloak of community well being.

I am as community minded as anyone and don't have any hidden agendas but I am not a fan of pretty and expensive buildings that are built with strong arm tactics and threats to its citizens.

I am one of many who have and never will support the PACC because of their empty values. When I was a new business owner you would be accepted as long as you played by the rules set out by self proclaimed city leaders. We are taught to be aware of people that drive around in vans and offer kids candy and to be suspicious of things that sound and look to be too good to be true. We must educate ourselves and do research on what is fact and what is fiction then proceed to vote accordingly. We can't let the HUB committee members take away our right as citizens to make the final decision.

When I graduated in 1974 the old school housed 1,300 kids with our graduating class of 120. Since then the school was added on to at least twice, then the elementary school was built and also Prairie Wind Middle school. In 2015 there were 430 kids in the old school (remember it originally housed 1,300). At a school board meeting we were told the school was over crowded and a new school was needed to be built. Hummmmm 2+2=5. We are somehow being made to feel like it is our fault by not taking advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity, when in reality this was dumped on us by the Yes voters. How much of these nonsense comments are we expected to accept.

I can't blame the civic leaders, they know what works so why would they quit. Pass my letters and comments on to who ever you feel may have some interest, I know you will not read this in the Focus.

Mike Wasche,