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Your Letters: Why believe the press about political change?

I don't know about you but I am tired of hearing about the blue wave that is coming in the 2018 midterm elections. This reminds me of the non stop press stories about the past election when Donald Trump was elected. We heard daily for three years that Hillary was a shoe-in. She could not-not be elected. She was ordained, unbeatable Trump had no chance, over and over and over none stop daily for every press cycle until she wasn't November 2016.

If we believed in 2010 that our country was going down the toilet and put Trump in office in 2016 to stop it, my question is what has changed?

Don't we still want it stopped? Fifteen months is enough time to drain 50 years of the swamp. This past year and a half it has become more apparent how twisted the left has become. How deeply they are ingrained in the swamp and how much still needs to be done to put this great country back on a firm footing.

Trump is a man with a heart for America, he is no more or less human that you or I. He has faults and gifts like all of us.

I guess I am saying that even after all the changes that he has started and all the changes yet to come why would we who started this political revolution in 2010 believe all the press that still says the same thing today over and over and over that President Trump and we the people don't have a chance?

Steady, steady, Hold, Hold, MAGA. We can win this. Do not quit.

David Bachelder,