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Your letters: Perham Police Chief should be Otter Tail Sheriff

After the three candidates for Sheriff gave their views on being the next Sheriff, the choice was so clear. The man that has 18 years in the present administration is so adamant in his beliefs that there is no bend in his operation, I feel.

The second man who is Fergus Falls Police Chief said he told his men, "it is okay to make mistakes." I don't believe that when it comes to human lives, no mistakes are allowed. I think of this family from south of Battle Lake that needed help as their 12th baby was having a hard time being born. He followed the ambulance into the hospital and two Fergus Falls city police would not let him go to be with his wife as they said he was speeding. So they held him in the parking lot. They should have been asked how they wanted their last pay - check or cash.

The third man (Perham Chief of Police) is the only man who mentioned the people's' constitutional rights. He was the youngest but the one who made the most sense. It seems that after one has been in this kind of work for a long time, they get the feeling the people are the slaves and everybody bows to them.

My pastor and another family were stopped because they were only going 45 mph. Another driver was stopped as he was two miles under the speed limit. When you go deer hunting, do you shoot the thing once or 10 times like the cops do? It is a blatant show of authority they don't have.

The Perham man is my clear choice. Some in the Sheriff's Department are completely out of control. I think the Perham man would correct this.

David Reynolds,

Deer Lake