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Your letters: Accept those with disabilities

I was so touched by a recent article I read about a talented Perham athlete and a classmate who is wheelchair bound. Their bond is truly amazing and gave me some hope. I have seen numerous Perham students with visible disabilities be included and welcomed creating social connections that are so vital for all.

As we start a new school year I ask that we all open our minds to expanding this acceptance to those whose issues we can not see as easily. So many children suffer from unseen struggles or disabilities in silence, left out. This is not because they want to be left alone but because they feel that they don't belong. Parents, students, teachers and staff please look for those individuals that are eating or playing alone, looking sad or scared or mad. Please don't judge them for how they look on the outside. Include them, get to know them, they may surprise you! Everyone wants a group to belong to. You may find a lifelong friend like the boys in the article I read, you might learn something, you might just change a life for the better. It was even be yours!

Celeste Kostohryz,