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Your letters: Kulp is the right person for District 8B

The Minnesota Way: Working together, over party lines, for the hardworking people of Minnesota. "The only thing that remains the same is change." Change is what we need in District 8B. Why change? Just look at the last legislative session. The Republicans placed party over the needs of people! The Republican House, along with the Senate refused to work with the Governor after being told many times to not place all measures in two bills (1000 page omnibus spending bill and a tax bill), but the Republicans refused and the Governor vetoed the bills-Minnesotans lost!

The tax bill helped the rich more than the poor and education lost in emergency funding. We need a representative that can work with the other side of the isle-the Minnesota way.

Gail Kulp is that person who will look out for the needs of "all" people in District 8B. She cares to meet and work with all sides...and that includes students. Take a good look at Gail Kulp, running in District 8B for the state legislature. She works for all Minnesotans-the Minnesota Way!

Jerry Horgen Henning