Letter: Cannot justify trail project

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In response to the Aug. 8 article about the Perham to Pelican Rapids Regional Trail:

First, why can't county government notify and inform affected property owners individually and provide specific plans of a project well in advance? Providing notices of public meetings are often overlooked. With technology and advances in communication, there must be a better way.

Second, what are the rules and regulations regarding filling in Ceynowa Lake? That area of roadway will obviously have to be widened. How does this differ from lake or river residents being restricted from altering shore lines?

And third, being opposed to this trail route doesn't mean you're opposed to recreation and economic growth. I found it interesting that nine out of 10 letters published Aug. 8 seemed to imply just that.

it is always good to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Would people willingly give up driveways, flower beds, gardens, established trees, play areas and swing sets to have a trail go by their bedroom windows?


It is easy to support a project like this when you have nothing to lose.

I live very close to a bike trail and walking path. There has never been major activity whether the time of day or season of year. I fail to see the benefit of spending $14 million on this project.

Jean Lein


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