Letter to the Editor: Is Rep. Jordan Rasmusson a true conservative?

He may have an "R" behind his name, the letter writer says, but Rasmusson's no conservative.

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To the Editor:

Sometimes it can be difficult distinguishing whether politicians are Democrats or Republicans. Such is the case with Jordan Rasmusson. Rasmusson was a liberal Democrat in high school prior to a conversion that he says he had while visiting Cuba.


But, is he truly conservative, or merely an opportunist? Rasmusson has political aspirations, and he probably came to the realization that he'd better switch party affiliation if he hopes to win in Otter Tail County.

Listening to him speak may lead you to believe his conversion was genuine. He touts all the Republican catchphrases very well: I'm pro-life! I support the second amendment! I'm for lower taxes! etc. etc.

But, if you examine the legislation that he‘s supported, and look at the things that he's promoting, you’d have to conclude that Rasmusson is still very much a liberal. Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruit." He may have an "R" behind his name, but he’s certainly no conservative. Rasmusson would be the poster child for what conservatives refer to as a R.I.N.O. (Republican In Name Only).

Look at the things that he's voted for, and also the things that he's trying to advance. He, along with other members of the swamp, voted for HF 164 (Energy Conservation and Optimization Act), a bill that appeases the Al Gore and whacko environmentalist crowd, while creating burdensome regulations for businesses.

He also for voted for HF 1952 (Omnibus State Government Finance Bill), which establishes a legislative coordinating commission for the politicians and government employees to dictate bills and resolutions instead of their constituents and citizens.

He, along with Democrats and fellow RINOs, recently voted for SF 3472, a reinsurance bill, which bails out Obamacare. This bill puts taxpayers on the hook for insurance claims over $50,000.

Now he's pushing for "Paid Family Leave."

Conservatives believe in lower taxes, fewer regulations, and less government, yet Rasmusson embraces none of these things. The No. 1 concern for conservatives is election integrity and transparency, yet Rasmusson has no regard for these things.


Last month at the Otter Tail County Republican Convention there were discrepancies and irregularities concerning delegates being added to the list after Caucus night. Rasmusson, and his minions, chose to ignore this potential fraud; first they voted to accept the credentials, without any regard as to how these errors occurred, then they attempted to end debate as to avoid any further discussion on the matter.

Since the convention he's done everything in his power to prevent an independent audit from happening. Rasmusson has no interest in looking at the irregularities. He obviously doesn't believe the old adage “sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

If Rasmusson were to be accused of being a conservative, there would be insufficient evidence to convict him!

—Merle Hexum, Perham

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