Letter: PACC/Hub project sounds like a money pit

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I see the city (Perham taxpayers) has purchased the old school; you know the one that was not fit for our kids, for $72,860.85 and will be the new PACC/Hub project.

Perham will receive $6,000,000 (tax dollars) from the state to help pay for this pet project? How can the state afford or even think this is a good idea to do this in the middle of a pandemic? Another $800,000 will come from (tax detectable donations); $9,027,000 will come from (Perham sales tax) and $3.400,000 in (sales tax revenue).

This is another black hole money pit project spun into something that sounds like we absolutely have to have, kind of like a bike path! The total to Perham taxpayers is $19,299,860.85. Holy crap that's a lot of money, and we know that's just the beginning.

How can Perham and the local business possibly pay for this? The city doesn't even have enough money to buy weed killer to make main street presentable! This is just another project owned by the city where the taxpayer will have to pick up the bill and future utilities.

The Focus front page article makes us feel like we will be the big winners, just like when Oprah gave away 276 new cars and then the reality hits the winners and they find out about the taxes, license, insurance, and it was a junk car!


Don't worry Perham if need be, I will pick up the tab on plowing main street this winter, hell it just dawned on me, that will be tax deductible also!

P.S. On 911 Jon and Betty Staebler had a beautiful flag tribute display in front of their business for the victims of the twin towers attack, the PFD also had the flag at half mast, I noticed city owned businesses did not!

There were 2,977 American flags were placed on the lawn in front of Staebler Financial Group in honor of Sept. 11. (RosaLin Alcoser/Focus)

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