Letter to editor: The political divide

Even after the election, New York Mills resident notices that the political divide continues.

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To the editor:

The Trump/Pence signs continue the stubborn resistance to accepting that Biden/Harris won the election. Do these Trumpers not understand what a democracy is? Do they not understand that the person with the most Electoral College votes wins? Do they not understand that Biden/Harris significantly won the popular vote? Why are these people, like Trump, such poor losers?

As for the "rigged" election charges, do consider this: Trump cheated to get into college, he cheated to get out of Vietnam, he cheated on his wives, he cheated on his taxes, he cheated in his business deals, he cheated on his donors, he cheated on his charity foundation . . . and, now, he is trying to cheat his way out of an election he lost.

Trump has used his "fixers" and enablers to make things happen for him. From Roy Cohn, Michael Cohen, and Rudy Giuliani to Fox News cohorts Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham, Dobbs bolstered by Rush Limbaugh. Whether they are called "alternative facts", disinformation, or fake news, they are spewed lies for Trump. And, for themselves, because they have become rich and powerful as Trump's foil.

I am angry because of Trump's attempts to divide America between Red and Blue States, protestors and agitators, people of color and white supremacists, flag wavers and knee takers, gun owners and sensible gun laws, Christians and other faiths, Wall Street and Main Street, pro-life and pro-choice, educated and uneducated, and right vs left philosophies. The rioting, burning, and looting are happening on Trump's watch. His rhetoric and actions have fueled the unrest and intensified animosity between the divided groups. Trump uses fear to create this atmosphere and attitude of intentional divisiveness.


Trump's lack of empathy, interest, and modeling of safe behaviors during the covid pandemic further example his poor leadership and lack of character. More than a quarter-million of Americans have died during his Administration. His narcissistic, self-interest and avoidance behavior are the true measures of the man.

Now, Trump is attempting the greatest division of all between the American people challenging the country's constitutional right of a free election. There was no corruption, no "r igging", no cheating as conspiracy theories and many unsuccessful lawsuits have attempted to prove. Trump is a deceitful, cruel, evil, bullying, name-calling, lying, con man. Trump's attempts to overthrow the election results identify him as a fraud. Refusing to allow the transition to go forward puts the country in jeopard y. Is that the way of a true leader who loves his country?

Our president is expected to represent America and Trump's examples of the worse in human nature and behavior. Trump is a racist and sexist crook who lacks virtue or morals.

That is why the majority of American voters chose Biden over Trump. Joe Biden is the president-elect of the United States and will become the 46th president on Jan. 20, 2021.

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