Letter to the editor: Scary times for conservatives

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To the editor:

When did voting for Donald Trump make us criminals? The American people that voted for Mr. Trump are now classified as domestic terrorists. How dare these taxpaid bottom feeders say this about me and my friends?

We assume these people have all the answers until we listen to them. Joe Biden has made 40 executive orders in less then two weeks in office. We all know Biden did not make these executive orders by himself "Come on man!" but it's more than likely payback to his donors for their agendas. It's the only thing that makes sense!

When we look at what has been done to the Capitol, the protest was not a surprise, the government knew in advance this was coming by monitoring social media and they let it happen. That way they would look like victims, they even opened the doors. Now the Peoples House is locked down like it is under siege.

What is next, will they go after our houses? I don't know what has to be done but "We the People" better figure it out. The National Guard was called in to show a sign of force, then they were treated like dogs, sleeping on the floor in a parking garage. The people in charge that did this, used it as a photo op by shaking their hands, acting surprised, and outraged like they care. These guardsmen are our children and we are letting politicians treat them this way.


All Biden has done since getting out of the basement is signing executive orders, the first was to put thousands of people out of work on the pipeline, then to undo what President Trump has worked hard on for four years. Making this country stronger with border security, and a greater economy all paid for by us taxpayers.

Trump's White House staff are being blackballed by Democrats from not only working in the White House, but to not be employed anywhere else. There's no reason for what is going on "Hell is a place where there is no reason"!

People have been buying guns and ammunition in fear of the 2nd amendment being taken away every time there is a Democrat in the White House. A disarmed group of people that can't defend themselves are just sheep and easily controlled. No guns for common people but politicians are surrounded by them for security. We are now in fear of maybe someday having to use our guns to protect ourselves and our families. That is what free men will do to protect their families "if they have too."

I watched "The Hitler Years" on the Discovery Channel and the similarity between what happened to the Jews and what could happen to us conservatives is frightening.

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