Letter to the editor: Use common sense

The following is a letter to the editor submitted to the Perham Focus by a reader. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the Perham Focus. To submit a letter, email or mail it to Perham Focus, Box 288, Perham, MN 56573.

To the editor:

Are people watching the news and absorbing what they are seeing? Today, you can't assume people are educated or smart.

If you pass counterfeit money, chances are you will be arrested. If you kneel on a person's neck for nine minutes and people are filming, saying your killing him, chances are you will end up in court. If you get pulled over by police for expired tabs and you resist, then drive off don't assume a 28-year veteran cop can tell the difference between their gun or taser. If you're a 13-year-old that is hanging around with a 21-year-old felon, at 2:30 A.M., in Chicago and you're running from a cop in an alley, there's a good chance you will be shot. Maybe you should have stopped running, or should have been in bed playing with Legos.

Cops and criminals both have a chosen profession, and when they clash, bad things happen. If a 6'4" 223-pound white bouncer ex-con that was passing out counterfeit 20$ bills high on meth, resists arrest and died, it would not even have made the local news. WLM (if White Lives Matter even existed) would not give it the time of day, he would not be a victim, just another criminal that got what he deserved. There would still be videos taken, not for justice, but to be put on You-Tube to see how many hits it would get. Hold on, does that sound racist? It must be my white privilege oozing out!

When politicians take sides on criminal cases for political gain and a $27-million check is written pretrial, how is that justice, maybe street justice? If you want to make a point or statement, don't burn and pillage an innocent business, take it to the politicians where they live. What business is it of crazy Maxine Waters coming to Minnesota? Does she care so much that she wants to right a wrong or is she just jumping on the black injustice wagon? She's a left-wing nut-job that can stay in California where she belongs. We don't need her shooting her mouth off causing an insurrection.


What's next, bobble head Al Sharpton voicing his opinion? Oh that's right, that also happened . Why not? They're both media bottom feeders.

Politicians are the problem, every other word out of their mouth is racist or racism, that's all they talk about, even Joe Biden said "you ain't Black" if you don't vote for me, (nothing racist there). He's an embarrassment to us white folk.

Quit using color as a scape goat and judge people on their actions, whether cop or con. We need cops in order for society to function or we will all be shut-ins . . . like a pandemic is going on . . . . dammit I didn't want to go there! By the way, how's creepy Joe working out for ya?

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