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Just racy pictures? Nope. Boudoir photography is about celebrating yourself
Fri Dec 02 09:05:00 EST 2022
Tonya Olson, the owner of Moorhead's Beauty Marks Boudoir Photography, sees boudoir photography as an expression of personal empowerment — a way in which people from all experiences, genders, sizes and stages of life celebrate their bodies and express their stories. 

Reporter Tammy Swift recently reported on Olson's popular photography business and shares her insights about the story with host Thomas Evanella.

When it comes to the future of the Moorhead Center Mall, 'guarded optimism' seems to be the mood
Fri Nov 18 08:01:00 EST 2022
With the passage of a half-cent city sales tax in the last election, Moorhead residents put a stamp of approval on a new library and community center on the site where the Moorhead Center Mall now sits. The building will be part of an ambitious redevelopment of the area that is still taking shape.

The development means that businesses currently occupying the Moorhead Center Mall face an uncertain future. Despite this, they retain guarded optimism, just like many other Moorhead residents who want to see better results than past revitalization efforts. Host Thomas Evanella and digital producer Kris Kerzman talk over Thomas' latest story

This company helps supply EV batteries for Tesla. Here's why they're building a $433 million facility in ND coal country
Fri Nov 11 09:27:00 EST 2022
The North Dakota coal industry might seem like an improbable partner for the industry that makes materials for batteries for the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

But that odd-couple marriage of a legacy fossil fuels industry and the emerging sector of low carbon-emission electric vehicles helps explain why Talon Metals chose a site in Mercer County in North Dakota Coal Country for a processing plant to make battery materials.

Reporter Patrick Springer joins host Thomas Evanella to detail this massive new development in Mercer County.

How a Fargo woman's 'cat condo' became a viral sensation
Fri Nov 04 09:44:00 EDT 2022
Only after her mom encouraged her to do so, Emily Bloom of Fargo posted a video of the 'cat condo' she built inside an old TV set on TikTok. She woke up the next morning to find her whimsical work had racked up 37,000 views -- and that was just the beginning.

Reporter Tammy Swift joins host Thomas Evanella to tell the story.

How to find the best local neighborhoods for Halloween displays and trick-or-treating
Fri Oct 28 09:38:00 EDT 2022
Among all the witches cackling, zombies groaning and banshees shrieking, you can hear the sound of cash registers ringing this Halloween season. One survey says, on average, each American consumer will spend more than $100 on Halloween.

Host Thomas Evanella sat down with reporter Helmut Schmidt, who recently went around to visit a few homeowners in the area that are definitely bringing up that average, with elaborate displays sure to fill any trick-or-treater with ghoulish delight.

And speaking of trick-or-treaters, skip ahead to 14:14 in the podcast to learn where you can find the biggest Halloween displays and the best trick-or-treating.

Happy haunting!

$100 million for a computing center? In rural North Dakota? Hear from the company making it happen
Fri Oct 21 09:32:00 EDT 2022
This week, we’re debuting a slightly different format for the InForum Business Beat Podcast. Listen in as host Thomas Evanella dives deep with Applied Blockchain EVP of Hosting and Public Affairs Nick Phillips on the company’s push into North Dakota. Why? How? What’s next? You’ll get answers to those questions and more.

Why Fargo's Amazon facility likely doesn't have your package, but it does have faux olive trees
Fri Oct 14 15:30:00 EDT 2022
A lot has changed, both seen and unseen, during the first year of operation at Fargo’s Amazon Fulfillment Center. Company managers detailed the changes, from the obvious to the subtle, during a tour of the facility Tuesday morning, Oct. 4.

Host and reporter Thomas Evanella learned a lot about the one-year-old facility, including why they have a lot of faux olive trees and not so many packages destined for Fargo porches.

An inside peek into what new restaurants are opening in the Fargo-Moorhead area as others close
Fri Oct 07 15:09:25 EDT 2022
It's been a topsy-turvy time for restaurants over the past couple of years, but as some have continued to close due to the pandemic, work-related issues and supply chain problems, others are planning to open up. InForum Business Reporter Helmut Schmidt joins host Thomas Evanella for a look at what locals can expect.

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Why a Texas blockchain company is breaking ground on a second facility in North Dakota
Fri Sep 30 08:30:00 EDT 2022
Applied Blockchain broke ground on a nearly $100 million, 180 megawatt high-performance computing center Thursday, Sept. 8 in Ellendale, North Dakota.

The groundbreaking in Ellendale closely follows the opening of a similar facility in Jamestown, which went online earlier in 2022. What brought the Texas company to North Dakota, and how do locals feel about this new facility? Host Thomas Evanella breaks it down.

A beer brewed with ingredients grown entirely in Clay County? Meet the hops farmer trying to make it happen.
Fri Sep 23 07:00:00 EDT 2022
John D. Peterson and his business partner, Art Weidner, own Mainline Hops Farm located near Sabin, Minn., and have supplied hops to a handful of small breweries in the region, including Junkyard Brewing and Revelation Ale Works. 

Peterson joins host Thomas Evanella to discuss the business of growing hops, the peaceful joy of operating a hobby farm, and his desire to see a beer made entirely from ingredients grown in Clay County.