The top of the standings for the Average Jo Triathlon features a familiar face. For the third straight year, Baxter's Casey Miller found himself out in front and across the finish line first, winning the 13th annual Average Jo Triathlon.

"It was a beautiful day, it was a little warm, but everyone had a great time with great participation and great volunteers," Average Jo Triathlon Race Director Jill Shipman said. "He (Miller) was smokin. He was awesome."

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Miller's time was off the pace that he set in 2015, but was more than a second faster than second place finisher Tyler Zima. Miller came across the line, finishing with a time of one hour, three minutes and 21 seconds. Zima finished the race with a time of 1:05:08.

One of the factors that may have affected the time was the strong wind that the competitors had to deal with during the day. The event's average time was 1:35:08, which was six minutes slower than the year prior. Also, this year featured 103 competitors, compared to the 98 that competed last year.

"I don't think there were any complaints. It was a windy day, but everything went well," Shipman said. "Everybody was pleased with the race and how everything went. I have no complaints, which is awesome."

Matthew Burrel finished third overall, he came in with a time of 1:05.46, while Travis Miller was fourth at 1:06:16. Rounding out the top five was Brandon Scheel. He finished the race with a time of 1:06:51.

The female winner was Grand Rapids' Tara Makinen. Makinen finished the race with a time of 1:16:18. West Fargo's Calie Larkin was the second female to cross the line, finishing with a time of 1:21:19.

The top local finisher was Dent's Aaron Wegscheid. He finished 22nd overall, coming in with a time of 1:19:04.

Perham's Laura Nyhus was the top local finishing female in the event. She finished in 31st place overall, ending the race in a time of 1:23:59.

The excitement is already building for next year's Average Jo Triathlon, which will take place on June 21.

"We are going to make a few changes to the course next year, but otherwise we are ready to go next year," Shipman said. "The feedback and the community was awesome in the support of the event."

Average Jo Triathlon

June 25

Male Results

Top 10/Local Finishers

• Casey Miller, Baxter, 1:03:21

• Tyler Zima, Fargo, N.D., 1:05:08

• Matthew Burrell, Indianapolis, Ind., 1:05:46

• Travis Miller, Nisswa, 1:06:16

• Branden Scheel, Fargo, N.D., 1:06:51

• Matt Lux, Richfield, 1:07:24

• Nathan Waech, Grand Rapids, 1:08:38

• Spencer Uetz, Grand Forks, N.D., 1:09:08

• Corey Nygaard, South St. Paul, 1:09:41

• Jeremy Brekke, Fargo, N.D., 1:11:21

Aaron Wegscheid, Dent, 1:19:04

Mark Shipman, Frazee, 1:26:26

Hunter Ditterich, Vergas, 1:28:05

Greg Wiegand, Wadena, 1:30:13

Jerry Huebsch, Perham, 1:36:48

Bob Koshnick, Detroit Lakes, 1:45:28

Colton Ditterich, Vergas, 1:53:30

Ken Richter, Perham, 2:33:40

Average Jo Triathlon

June 25

Female Results

Top 10/Local Finishers

• Tara Makinen, Grand Rapids, 1:16:18

• Calie Larkin, West Fargo, N.D., 1:21:19

• Joellen Kohlman-Petrick, Fergus Falls, 1:23:04

• Abby Astrup, Fargo, N.D., 1:23:13

• Laura Nyhus, Perham, 1:23:59

• Kari Callahan, Fargo, N.D., 1:25:17

• Jen Lux, Richfield, 1:26:18

• Maisy Waech, Grand Rapids, 1:26:33

• Vicki Schneider, Fargo, N.D., 1:27:33

• Patty Jaeger, Vergas, 1:30:06

• Andrea Westby, Perham, 1:30:37

Connor Hoff, Ottertail, 1:57:15

Kaitlyn Peterson, Detroit Lakes, 2:11:00