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Yellowjacket swimmers cap off regular season at conference meet

Perham's Jaden Cummings completes a stroke in the backstroke event. He dropped more than 3 seconds in the race, finishing with a time of 1:08.66. Robert Williams/Forum News Service.

The Perham Yellowjacket swimming team put the finishing touches on their regular season at the annual Mid-State Conference meet at the Detroit Lakes Community Center on Feb. 10.

The Yellowjackets finished third overall with 185 points, while Park Rapids finished first with 507 points. Detroit Lakes was third with 464 points.

Perham head coach Trent Swanson stated they had a great meet. The team continued to drop times throughout the meet, kicking it off in the 200 medley relay.

Perham’s Aaron Wegscheid dropped seven seconds in the 200 freestyle event. He finished fourth overall, finishing with a time of two minutes, 4.34 seconds. His time was good enough to qualify for the upcoming section meet in Bemidji. Mason Skorup cut six seconds as well in the 200 freestyle.

Yellowjacket swimmer Jaden Cummings cut time in the 100 backstroke. It was his third event of the day and he dropped 3.11 seconds. He finished with a time of 1:08.66, giving him more confidence for the section meet according to Swanson.

Gavin Kehoe, Mason Skorup, Cummings and Hunter Ditterich hit their fastest splits of the season in the 200 medley relay. It helped them finish with a time of 2:07.17, earning a fifth place finish overall.

Wegscheid finished fourth overall in the 200 freestyle, finishing with a time of 2:04.34. Kyle Swanson finished eighth in the 200 individual medley at 2:36.72. Duncan Skorup was the top finisher for Perham in the 50 freestyle. He finished with a time of 27.79.

Cummings finished sixth at 1:07.76 in the 100 butterfly, while Wegscheid was sixth in the 100 freestyle at 56.35. Hunter Ditterich was eighth in the 500 freestyle, ending with a time of 6:37.48.

The Perham 200 freestyle relay team of Wegscheid, Jett Karels, Duncan Skorup and Hunter Ditterich came in fifth at 1:48.78.

Cummings was sixth in the 100 backstroke at 1:08.66, while Mason Skorup came in seventh in the 100 breaststroke with a time of 1:19.07. The 400 freestyle relay team of Hunter Ditterich, Duncan Skorup, Jett Karels and Aaron Wegscheid with a time of 4:14.88.

“The boys really capped off the conference meet with the right attitudes and are all ready to move on to the section meet with the energy and commitment that they have brought to the entire season,” Trent Swanson said. “From where the boys started the season to today, they have had amazing strides and continue to work towards their common goal. These boys have been one unit all season working towards their goals. It is with great effort and great commitment that these young men have come this far. They do it together, more than any team I have coached. These boys are all on the same page.”

The Yellowjackets will have an extended break from competition as they prepare for the Section 5A Championships on Feb. 24 and 25 in Bemidji.

Mid-State Conference

Feb. 10


Park Rapids 507, Detroit Lakes 464, Perham 185

Individual Results

200 medley relay-1, PRK, 1:44.82; 5, PER, Gavin Kehoe, Mason Skorup, Jaden Cummings, Hunter Ditterich, 2:07.17; 200 freestyle-1, PRK, Matthew Benson, 1:59.41; 4, PER, Aaron Wegscheid, 2:04.34; 10, PER, Mason Skorup, 2:25.35; 200 individual medley-1, PRK, Zach Behrens, 2:13.23; 8, PER, Kyle Swanson, 2:36.72; 50 freestyle-1, PRK, Spencer Fritze, 23.50; 7, PER, Duncan Skorup, 27.79; 8, PER, Colton Ditterich, 30.87; Diving-1, DL, Zane Freeman, 467.65; 100 butterfly-1, PRK, Zach Behrens, 57.61; 6, PER, Jaden Cummings, 1:07.76; 8, PER, Gavin Kehoe, 1:15.30; 100 freestyle-1, DL, Josten Bellefeuille, 53.97; 6, PER, Aaron Wegscheid, 56.35; 10, PER, Colton Ditterich, 1:08.96; PER, Jett Karels, DQ; 500 freestyle-1, PRK, Matthew Benson, 5:22.78; 8, PER, Hunter Ditterich, 6:37.48; 200 freestyle relay-1, PRK, 1:37.67; 5, PER, Aaron Wegscheid, Jett Karels, Duncan Skorup, Hunter Ditterich, 1:48.78; 6, PER, Kyle Swanson, Colton Ditterich, Gavin Kehoe, Mason Skorup, 1:56.78; 100 backstroke-1, PRK, Casimir Simonson, 58.73; 6, PER, Jaden Cummings, 1:08.66; 100 breaststroke-1, PRK, Kaleb Carlson, 1:08.02;  7, PER, Mason Skorup, 1:19.07; 9, PER, Duncan Skorup, 1:21.29; 11, PER, Kyle Swanson, 1:24.78; 12, PER, Jett Karels, 1:26.90; 400 freestyle relay-1, DL, 3:39.09; 4, PER, Hunter Ditterich, Duncan Skorup, Jett Karels, Aaron Wegscheid, 4:14.88; 5, PER, Kyle Swanson, Gavin Kehoe, Colton Ditterich, Jaden Cummings, 4:23.68.

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