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Student-Athlete participation forms due by 1st day of practice, Aug. 17

All area student-athletes must have eligibility forms filled out and physicals on file with the school prior to the opening of fall practice on Aug. 17.

All forms must be signed and activity payment received before students can take part in activities. The following forms can be picked up at the Perham High School Office at 200 5th St., SE, at the Activities Office at 520 1st Ave. SE: Student Eligibility Form, Parent Permit Form and Insurance Release Form, Activity Fees.

Be sure your child has a physical on file at the school. Physicals are good for three years. Students may not practice until they have a current physical. Contact your family doctor. The Perham Clinic is asking that participants call to arrange for an appointment.

The PHS Activities Fees

will be as follows:

• Grades 5/6 -No charge

• Grades 7/8 -$50 per activity with a limit of $100 per student during the course of the year.

• Grades 9-12-$100 per activity with a limit of $200 per student and a limit of $350 per family.

Call the Activities Department at 346-6500 if you have questions or have a new student who would like to become involved.

(Note-No child will be denied access to co-curricular programs due to financial reasons; students may request a fee waiver from the Activities Department or from their coach. This information is confidential and is based on family income, much like the school's food service program.)

Student-athletes must complete eligibility forms prior to 1st practice on Aug. 17

Another summer is quickly passing by and before we know it the 2009-2010 sports season will be upon us. As the new sports season approaches, students and parents need to take care of several eligibility items to ensure the student-athlete is eligible for the first practice. Student-athletes may not practice until eligibility information is updated for this coming year.

Student-athletes may pick up the eligibility papers in the district office or high school office Monday through Friday, from 8:00 to 4:30 p.m. Once again, Meritcare Clinic of New York Mills and Dr. Tim Johnson of New York Mills Family Spine Clinic are offering physical examinations by appointment for all students (make sure you call early for an appointment). A sports qualifying physical exam is needed every three years. Any student entering 7th grade, anyone participating in a sport for the first time, or anyone who has not had a sports qualifying physical exam in the past three years is encouraged to call soon to secure an appointment.

Fall season practices begin this year on Aug. 17. Students are reminded that before they are eligible to participate in any preseason practices, all eligibility forms must be completed and on file with the activities director. Students may turn in their completed forms to their coach or directly to the high school office. The forms that need to be completed are listed below. Please take the time to make sure the forms are signed by both the parent/guardian and the athlete.

Current Sports Qualifying Physical Examination. This three-page form needs to have the history section completed by the athlete's parent/guardian BEFORE the athlete receives the physical examination. A student-athlete needs a sports qualifying physical examination every three years.

MSHSL Athletic Eligibility Statement. This form acknowledges understanding of the MSHSL rules and regulations pertaining to eligibility. It also covers the areas of academic and student behavior responsibilities (such as the use of controlled substances). By signing the form, the parent/guardian and athlete are acknowledging in part that by participating in athletics, there is a risk of injury and transmission of infectious diseases.

Parents' Permit and Health Questionnaire. This form is on the back of the Athletic Eligibility Statement Form and inquires into the physical history and condition of the student-athlete. This current information is necessary to help ensure the safety of each athlete.

Insurance Information Bulletin. This form is a disclaimer acknowledging there is a risk of injury due to the breakdown or flaw in manufactured equipment while participating in a sports activity. Because of this risk, it is recommended that your athlete be covered by family health insurance or accident insurance plan. For those who are interested, forms may be picked up at the school for a student accident insurance plan offered by Student Assurance Services, Incorporated.

For those students not participating in a fall sport, it is a good idea to take care of this now before the winter and spring sport seasons are upon us.

Activity Participation Fees. Fees must be paid before a student may participate in MSHSL sponsored activities. Students in grades 7 and 8 will be charged $30.00 for each activity in which they participate. Students in Grades 9 - 12 will be charged $40.00 for each activity in which they participate. There is no individual maximum, however, the maximum participation fees for a family is $150.00.

Locks. Students must purchase a school-issued lock to use in the locker room. The cost of the lock is $3.00. At the conclusion of the sport season or school year, a student may return his/her lock for a $3.00 refund.

If you have any questions about eligibility forms or MSHSL rules, please telephone New York Mills Activities Director, Travis Hensch, at 385-2553, extension 207.