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NYM Girls Tennis: Lady Eagles 1-2 at Osakis

By John George

The New York Mills girls tennis team opened their season at the Osakis Quadrangle on Monday. The Eagles beat Morris, 4-3, lost to Melrose, 4-3, then dropped a 6-1 match to a very good host team from Osakis.

In their opening win over Morris, the Lady Eagles swept the four singles matches

"Overall, a pretty good day for our young team for the first time out of the gate this season," head coach Gary Bach said. "I was pleased with the effort and attitude of our team out there today."

Mills used three different line-ups to get a look at players in both singles and doubles roles. Isabelle Resch and Missy Hendrickx went 3-0 on the day. They both won singles matches against Morris and Melrose, then teamed up together for Mills only win against Osakis.

"This will help us figure out where our players fit the best as we continue the season," Bach said.

After playing in the Staples-Motley Invitational on Wednesday, the Mills girls will host their first meet on Friday, August 28. The Lady Eagles will open their triangular with a meet against Pequot Lakes at 9 a.m. Mills will take on West Central Area at approximately 2 p.m.

The Eagles will remain at home next week with a match against Perham on Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. and another home triangular on Sept. 3 at 9 a.m.

Monday, August 24

Osakis Quadrangle

New York Mills 4, Morris 3


1. Isabelle Resch (NYM) def. Jenny Hennen, 10-3; 2. Missy Hendrickx (NYM) def. Mathews-Saugsteat; 3. Savannah Thompson (NYM) def. Heilg, 10-3; 4. Jen Maki (NYM) def. Morton, 10-6.


1. Sanderson & LonDelhain (M) def. Lauren Bach & Kaitllyn Hintsala, 10-4; 2. Anderson & Larson (M) def. Emily Blomberg & Leslie Geleneau, 10-0; 3. Schriefels & Van Horn (M) def. Abby Salo & Victoria Selander, 10-0.

Melrose 4, New York Mills 3


1. Resch (NYM) def. Ruter, 10-5; 2. Hendrickx (NYM) def. Schulzentenberg, 10-1; 3. Bach (NYM) def. Wiechman, 10-6; 4. Rausen (M) def. Selander, 10-2.


1. Hellerman& Brinkman (M) def. Thompson & Hintsala, 10-7; 2. Worms & Uphus (M) def. Maki & Salo, 10-3; 3. Manning & Klassen (M) def. Blomberg & Geleneau, 10-0.

Osakis 6, New York Mills 1


1. Giesler (O) def. Thompson, 10-2; 2. Hetland (O) def. Hintsala, 10-0; 3. Gavin (O) def. Blomberg, 10-0; 4. Strelow (O) def. Salo, 10-0.


1. Hendrickx & Resch (NYM) def. Zimmel & Zimmel, 10-4; 2. Alverson & Junteriek (O) def. Bach & Maki, 10-2; 3. Anderson & Dilehay (O) def. Geleneau & Selander, 10-1.