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"Next year, we're going to change the name of the event to the 'Lacey Richter" Invitational fishing tournament.'"

That's what organizers with the Perham Sportsmen's club were saying at the conclusion of the "Frozen Fest" Ice Fishing Tournament Feb. 6.

Organizers had great expectations, said Sportsmen's Club president Craig Swanson, as 17 volunteers drilled 1,500 holes. There were about 65 anglers for the morning.

"Well, we wanted to be prepared," laughed Swanson. "With all those holes, its like Swiss cheese out there."

The Perham 8-year-old won for the largest northern, which was also the largest fish of the day, a 2.9 pounder.

Lacey also caught the most fish. Of 33 fish caught at the ice fishing derby, there were two northerns, one walleye, and 30 perch caught. Of the 30 perch, Lacey caught 17 of them. Her fishing prowess is obviously more skill than luck; but she definitely got lucky when she won a special contest. An underwater camera was the prize for the 10th person who landed a fish. It was a good day for Lacey-as she also won the special prize. She also won a second underwater camera and a portable ice fishing tent.

The first fish caught for the day was a 1.1 walleye-and it was the only walleye of the day. Winning the prize for walleye was Jim Legett. Glen Nelson won for the largest perch, at 7.5 ounces.