Perham assistant coach Michelle Bormann was surprised when head basketball coach TJ Super informed her she had been named the Class AA Assistant Coach of the Year.

To those around her, it was no surprise.

Bormann’s passion and love for the game of basketball has been evident for a quarter century in the Perham basketball program.

“It’s very humbling and I’m very honored to receive that award,” Bormann said. “It’s only because of the coaches I work with and the players that I’m involved with. Our program is something I’m super proud of and it’s a huge reflection of that.”

Michelle Bormann
Michelle Bormann

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Bormann was named the Section 8AA Assistant Coach of the Year and Super said he was happy the coaches in the section saw that she was a great coach and noticed all the things Bormann has done for the program throughout the years.

After the section vote, it goes to the state coaches and Super was happy for Bormann and the program when it came back she was named Assistant Coach of the Year.

Super said Bormann brings a different perspective to the bench and the program. He said she challenges him as a head coach and it’s something that he appreciates about her as an assistant. Bormann helps him in dealing with different situations with girls in general as players and as people.

Bormann also serves as the head junior varsity coach and Super said she can be credited with the progression of the players at that level and has helped them make the transition to varsity.

“With the junior varsity, she has done a great job of developing girls and getting girls to focus on their weaknesses. She is getting girls not to just settle in on their successes that they have had at junior varsity and really challenge them to keep getting better for that next level,” Super said. “Lastly, she brings a lot of stuff to the table when it comes to our youth basketball tournaments, our YABA events, summer planning and our summer skills and drills in the gym. These are the things people don’t get to see very much of, but Michelle puts hours and hours and hours into these things.”

Super said Bormann really brings a balance to the Perham program, showing that it’s not just about the game of basketball. The program participates in many things outside of school, such as the Giving Tree.

“She is really in it for the right reasons,” Super said. “We do a lot of stuff in this program that doesn’t have a lot to do with basketball and Michelle is a big part of that. She has helped organize a lot of those things and really brings a balance to the program to make sure we are not just about basketball and winning games. She has that great perspective that she has learned over the years and has helped me get a better grasp on that stuff, too.”

Bormann said she loves the game and has a passion for it, but it’s about more than the sport to her.

“I love the game of basketball, but it’s really so much more than that,” Bormann said. “Our goal is to create better basketball players, people who work as a team and find a common goal to work together. However, basketball and high school athletics are just a small sliver of their lives. Our goal is to prepare them to go out into the world to be strong females, who are ready to do great things, work together and know when they hit that adversity and hit those bumps in the road, they have already experienced that in high school as a team and they are ready to do great things.”

Bormann was quick to say the award was about the program and she is really proud of the coaching staff and the kids that are a part of the program now and have been a part of the program in the past.

“I think that’s what makes coaching so special is the relationships you get with these players. Every year you get a new team and you figure out what that identity is and you work with them,” Bormann said. “You work so many years with these kids, so you see them grow up and mature and become well-rounded students and people in our schools and our community. The takeaway is when they come back and hear what is happening in their lives. What really it’s all about is the relationships with the kids.”