Busy first week for Lady Eagles tennis

The Lady Eagles got the new tennis season underway picking up one win and dropping two at the Osakis Quadrangle on Monday. "This is always a good event to try some different line-ups and assess our returning and new players," said Head Coach Gary...

The Lady Eagles got the new tennis season underway picking up one win and dropping two at the Osakis Quadrangle on Monday.

"This is always a good event to try some different line-ups and assess our returning and new players," said Head Coach Gary Bach.

"We played short one player today, due to an unexpected varsity roster change. Consequently, we had to give up a team point going into each match."

In spite of that, NY Mills played competitively in several matches on a hot windy day.

"I thought we did some very good things out there and saw others to work out in practice."


It was the first event of a busy week for the Lady Eagles. Wednesday's travel plans led to Brainerd to play in the Hiway 10-S Tour Invitational with seven other teams from the area and around the state. NY Mills placed fifth.

"We were very pleased with the way our players competed versus many quality teams today in absolutely beautiful weather. We won our share of close matches in the first round and came close on a few more. All in all a very good outing for our team at this early part of the season."

NY Mills wrapped up play for the week against West Central Area, playing matches in Barrett and Elbow Lake. The Lady Eagles played well in singles taking three of four in straight sets.

"The Knights edged us out in the double matches with a close three set win at first doubles being the difference maker. Our seniors Missy, Lauren, and Jen kept their feet moving and played very smart and consistent tennis with few errors in very windy conditions to pick up our team points."

Tennis results

NY Mills versus Morris at Osakis, Monday, August 23.

Eagles 5, Tigers 2 Singles -- Missy Hendrickx (NYM) def. Rory Anderson 10-2; 2. Lauren Bach (NYM) def. Jenny Hennen 10-3; 3. Megan Wagner def. Kristin Kane (NYM) 10-0; 4. Morris won by forfeit.

Doubles -- 1. Jenna Esala/Krista Guldseth (NYM) def. Kelsey Schreifels/Renae Mullins 10-6; 2. Jen Maki/Emily Blomberg (NYM) def. Krista Mathews-Sangstad/Kjersa Anderson 10-9 (7-3); 3. Abby Salo/Vicky Selander (NYM) def. Brittany Harrison/Darcey Aronson 10-5.


NY Mills versus Melrose at Osakis, Monday, August 23.

Dutchmen 6, Eagles 1 Singles -- Hailey Brinkman def. Jenna Esala (NYM) 10-1; 2. Michaela Worms def. Jen Maki (NYM) 10-1; 3. Maddy Rarson def. Krista Guldseth (NYM) 10-6; 4. Melrose won by forfeit.

Doubles -- 1. Missy Hendrickx/Lauren Bach (NYM) def. Emily Hellermann/Carly Skillings 10-8; 2. Kayla Lony/Grace Brang def. Abby Salo/Emily Blomberg (NYM) 10-0; 3. Ashley Zenzen/Elaine Kaller def. Kristin Kane/Vicky Selander (NYM) 10-6.

NY Mills at Osakis, Monday, August 23.

Silvestreaks 7, Eagles 0 Singles -- Brianne Giesler def. Missy Hendrickx (NYM) 10-5; 2. Tonya Hetland def. Abby Salo (NYM) 10-0; 3. Taylor Kraimer def. Vicky Selander (NYM) 10-0; 4. Osakis won by forfeit.

Doubles -- 1. Kiera Zimmel/Sabrina Zimmel def. Jen Maki/Lauren Bach (NYM) 10-6; 2. Janna Juntewen/Lauren Silbernick def. Jenna Esala/Krista Guldseth (NYM) 10-0; 3. Brittany Garvin/Katelyn Strelow def. Kristin Kane/Emily Blomberg (NYM) 10-6.

NY Mills at Hiway 10-S Tour at Brainerd, Wednesday, August 25.

Team Results:


Osakis 38, Staples-Motley 34, Stewartville 24, Sartell 20, NY Mills 14, W-D-C 13, Detroit Lakes 11, WCA 6.

NYM Individual Results:

Singles: 1 - Missy Hendrickx-NYM won over Brianne Geisler-O 6-3 6-4 - lost to Hannah Bardwell-ST 1-6 0-6 - won overf Haley Anderson-WDC 6-3 6-4 to finish third.

2 - Lauren Bach-NYM won over Jessica Zent-ST 7-5 3-6 (12-10 super-tbkr.) - won over Katie Anderson-DL 6-4 4-6 (10-6 super tbrkr) - lost to Andrea Koskiniemi-SM 2-6 0-6 to finish second.

3 - Jen Maki-NYM won over Shantel Kluneberg-DL 6-0 6-2 - lost to Izzy Plaine-SA 4-6 4-6 - lost to Abby Smith-SM 1-6 2-6 to finish fourth.

4 - Jordin Roberts-NYM lost to Kelsey Zetah- SM 0-6 0-6 - lost to Kira Leichter-DL 0-6 0-6 - lost to Regan Biss-WCA 0-6 0-6 to finish eighth.

Doubles: 1 - Jenna Esala & Krista Guldseth-NYM won over Hamre/Seebold-DL 2-6 6-4 (10-8 super tbrkr.) - lost to Zimmel/Zimmel-O 2-6 0-6 - lost to Loeks/Paulsen-WCA 3-6 3-6 to finish fourth.

2 - Abby Salo & Vicky Selander-NYM won over Fritz/Seebold-DL 7-6 4-6 (10-8 super tbrkr.) - lost to Czeck/Yurczyk-SA 6-7 (8-10 tbrkr.) 3-6 - lost to Kautto/Wolhowe-SM 3-6 1-6 to finish fourth.


3 - Kristin Kane & Emily Blomberg-NYM lost to Mitzel/Haley-SA 3-6 3-6 - lost to Steger/Lindeman-DL 4-6 4-6 - lost to Hayward/Blehr-WCA 6-4 6-7 (2-10 super tbrkr.) to finish eighth.

NY Mills at West Central Area at Barrret and Elbow Lake, Friday, August 27.

Knights 4, Eagles 3

Singles -- 1 - Missy Hendrickx-NYM over Nicole Anderson-WCA 6-3 6-0; 2 - Lauren Bach-NYM over Jasmyn Sutton-WCA 6-2 6-3; 3 - Jen Maki-NYM over Sarah Frisch-WCA 7-5 6-2; 4 - Erin Rudell-WCA over Megan Dow-NYM 6-0 6-0.

Doubles -- 1 - Carlie Loeks/Krista Paulson-WCA over Jenna Esala/Krista Guldseth-NYM 2-6 6-2 6-4; 2 - Alayna Mclaughlin /Savanna Westrom-WCA over Abby Salo/Vicky Selander-NYM 6-2 6-2; 3 - Regan Biss/Marissa Hayward-WCA over Emily Blomberg/Kristin Kane-NYM 6-1 6-0.

Jr. High singles matches:

Taylor Endreson-WCA over Kori Salo-NYM 4-0; Dawn Cleveland-WCA over Kori Salo-NYM 4-0.

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