Speicher to continue running career at MSU-M


A remarkable year continued for senior Carson Speicher when he signed his National Letter of Intent on Nov. 14 to run collegiately for Minnesota State University-Moorhead and rejoin a pair of Yellowjacket teammates.

Speicher becomes the third Yellowjacket in two years to join the Dragon program. Speicher joins Hunter Kjelshus and Jacob Dickerson, who are currently freshmen at Moorhead. Also, he will run at the same school his older brother, Brady, ran at.

“It’s kind of cool to watch Carson to go and follow his brother. It’s a really cool decision for Carson. I think a lot of people thought he was going to go there because his brother was there, but, actually that was the furthest thing from his mind,” Perham cross country head coach Jeff Morris said. “We talked through this decision and he wanted to go where he thought he was going to fit in. Everything he talked about was nothing to do with his brother. It was about the coaching and where he fit in with the team.”

Speicher said he knew what he was looking for right away. He looked into some Division 1 opportunities, but knew he wanted to go to a Division 2 school. He kept his eye on the Northern Sun Conference and was looking at a school that he could perform well at. For Speicher, Moorhead ultimately was that place.

“It’s nice to have the whole recruiting process to be done with,” Speicher said. “I’m really happy with the decision I made and really excited for the future and seeing all the possibilities and capabilities that I can do.”

Speicher said it would be fun to be a member of the young and upcoming program at MSU-M. The Dragons have surged on the cross country scene at the Division 2 level the past few years under head coach Ryan Milner.

There were several things that stood out about Moorhead to Speicher, which helped him make the decision easy to become a Dragon.

“It happens to be close, which is nice. There were some nationwide and some that were a several hours away, but to find somewhere this comfortable close, was really nice,” Speicher said. “Also the coaching, he is a great mile coach and a great distance coach. Overall, he can shape you into whatever he thinks you can be and what you will be, he can do that really fast and quickly. I already know a lot of the guys and that helps a ton. I feel comfortable around them. It’s somewhere I feel that I fit in and really have fun with.”

Speicher ended his high school career as an Class A All-State runner by finishing 12th at the state tournament, while helping lead the Yellowjackets to the team championship. It was a fitting end to a career that saw some struggles with POTS during his junior year.

“I had a lot of fun running every other year and then last year took a dive when I was trying to find a mix between being healthy and just being able to race,” Speicher said. “Last year’s track was definitely better than cross, but still trying to find that fitness level gain and getting the confidence that I had as a sophomore and freshman. This summer, me and a bunch of the guys said we wanted to get it. Coming into cross country, I felt like I was in the best shape I have ever been in and I ran the most I ever did. I took it really, really serious and now I’m just excited to finally be racing at my peak ability and take that into track and see how far up I can keep going.”

Speicher said it was a weird season being the lone senior on the cross country team. He said it was a fun experience to be the guy the younger kids looked up to for help.

“It was fun to be apart of that. We don’t call it rebuilding but more of a reloading process,” Speicher said. “I’m really excited to see what they can do in the future. I know I’m just the start of what could become a couple of state titles in a row. I’m really excited to watch them in the next couple of years. I know Perham will still be deadly and really fun to watch in the next couple of years.”