Four for four: Yellowjackets add clean sweep to win streak

Perham Yellowjacket starters huddle before the first set of Thursday night's game against Pelican Rapids at the Hive in Perham. (Natalie Hilden/Perham Focus)

The Perham Yellowjackets have kept their win streak going with a clean sweep of Pelican Rapids on Thursday night.

Perham found the victory in three sets (25-21, 25-17,25-13). It looked like Yellowjacket starters came out swinging and ready to go. Senior Katie Johnson said that it is exciting for her and her teammates to keep moving in the right direction. Thursday night's game brings Perham to its fourth straight volleyball win.

“That means we have a lot of momentum going our way, and we have no intentions of stopping it,” Johnson said. “The team is extremely excited for any challenges that come our way.”

It is that excitement and energy that keeps Perham pushing through any circumstances the game may put upon them. Johnson said that the chemistry of the team really helps them work hard and support each other throughout a match.

Stella Raser led the Yellowjackets with 12 kills, followed closely behind by Lily DeBoer and Willow Theil. Grayce Mickelson led with 17 digs and found herself on the floor picking up crucial balls for Perham.


"We have a great team so we are truly happy for one another when someone has a great play,” Johnson said. “When every single person on our team has worked hard for years, we are excited to see it pay off now.”

Johnson said she thought that offensive strength is what pushed them through during the game. She said that each one of her teammates bring something to the team and they are a strong unit when all of them come together in the bigger picture.

Katie Johnson (middle) throws her hands up in the air with joy after a successful Yellowjacket score during Thursday night's game against Pelican Rapids (Natalie Hilden/Perham Focus)

“When every player on our team does their job and executes what needs to get done, we play phenomenally,” Johnson said. "Tonight, our passing was spot on, serving was aggressive and hitters put the ball away. With those key things, it is hard not to have success.”

The Yellowjackets are looking forward to a matchup with Barnesville at home next week. The matchup will take place on Thursday Nov. 12.

“Going forward in the season we can only improve every aspect of our game,” Johnson said. “We are all very excited and know we have a ton of potential when we play together.”


Perham 3, Pelican Rapids 0 (25-21, 25-17,25-13)
Kills: Stella Raser 12, Lily DeBoer 10, Willow Thiel 6, Jaden Hackel 3, Sydney Anderson 2, Morgan Burkman 1
Assists: Katie Johnson 33, Sydney Anderson 2
Aces: Sydney Anderson 4, Grayce Mickelson 3, Lily Lorenson 2, Katie Johnson 2, Stella Raser 1, Lily DeBoer 1
Digs: Grayce Mickelson 17, Lily DeBoer 9, Katie Johnson 8, Sydney Anderson 8, Lily Lorenson 4, Stella Raser 3
Blocks: Sydney Anderson 1, Jaden Hackel 1

Natalie Hilden is the Sports Editor at the Perham Focus and Wadena Pioneer Journal. Hilden graduated from South Dakota State University in May of 2020. She came back to Northern Minnesota the place she has called home since she graduated from Nevis High School in 2017.
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