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Perham gymnasts set new mark against Park Rapids Area

Perham's Dena Fischer hits the dismount on the uneven bars during their home meet with Park Rapids Area. Submitted photo

Three straight meets and three straight new marks for the Perham gymnastics team. The Yellowjackets have continued to show improvement as they set the bar higher each time they perform. The Yellowjackets finished with a 143.85, cruising to a victory over Park Rapids Area on Jan. 16 at the Hauer Gymnasium in Perham.

Lindsey Soule on beam.

Park Rapids Area finished with a score of 129.20. The Yellowjackets captured the top five spots in all four individual events and the top three spots in the all-around competition.

Jada Olsen earned top honors on the vault, bars and floor, while Sydney Bahls captured the crown on the beam, making it a clean sweep for the Yellowjackets.

Jada Olsen on bars.

The Yellowjackets finished with a 36.25 on the vault, 35.7 on the bars, 35.65 on the beam and a 36.25 on floor.

Olsen opened with a 9.60 on the vault, followed by Bahls, who came in with a 9.40. Dena Fischer hit for an 8.70, while Lindsey Soule landed an 8.55. Mackenzie Rohloff finished with an 8.50.

Olsen finished with a 9.7 on the bars, which was her highest score to date on that apparatus. Fischer finished second with a 9.25, followed by Bahls with an 8.40 and Kovar with an 8.35. Rohloff rounded out the field for Perham with an 8.20.

Bahls continued her strong season on the beam, earning to honors with a 9.15. She was the only gymnast to hit at the 9.0 level in the event. Fischer was close, earning an 8.95 for second. Olsen was third at 8.85, followed by Soule at 8.70 and Kovar at 8.50.

Olsen closed out the meet with a 9.55 on the floor, earning top honors. Bahls was second with an 8.95, while Maddie Ruther was third at 8.90. Fischer finished with an 8.85 for fourth and Kovar closed with an 8.85.

The Yellowjackets return to action on Friday, Jan. 19 when they travel to take on Detroit Lakes. The Lakers are the three-time defending Class A champions and reigning Section 8A champions. The two teams competed earlier in the season with the Lakers edging out Perham, 147.825 to 141.125.

Perham 143.850, Park Rapids Area 129.20

Individual Results


1 Jada Olsen, PER, 9.60

2 Sydney Bahls, PER, 9.40

3 Dena Fischer, PER, 8.70

4 Lindsey Soule, PER, 8.55

5 Mackenzie Rohloff, PER, 8.50


1 Jada Olsen, PER, 9.70

2 Dena Fischer, PER, 9.25

3 Sydney Bahls, PER, 8.40

4 Kassidy Kovar, PER, 8.35

5 Mackenzie Rohloff, PER, 8.20


1 Sydney Bahls, PER, 9.15

2 Dena Fischer, PER, 8.95

3 Jada Olsen, PER, 8.85

4 Lindsey Soule, PER, 8.70

5 Kassidy Kovar, PER, 8.50


1 Jada Olsen, PER, 9.55

2 Sydney Bahls, PER, 8.95

3 Maddie Ruther, PER, 8.90

4 Dena Fischer, PER, 8.85

5 Kassidy Kovar, PER, 8.75


1 Jada Olsen, PER, 37.70

2 Sydney Bahls, PER, 35.90

3 Dena Fischer, PER, 35.75

4 Morgan Koppleman, PRK, 29.40

5 Hailee Landstrom, PRK, 28.85

Jason Groth

 Groth is a Minnesota Newspaper Association award-winning Sports Editor of the Perham Focus and the Wadena Pioneer Journal. Groth worked in Grand Rapids as the Sports Director at KOZY/KMFY radio for two years and prior to that he was the Sports Editor/Writer for the Grand Rapids Herald-Review for seven years. 

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