Nikki Bruns named new Perham volleyball coach

The Perham volleyball team listens in for instruction from former head coach Eryn Moser. Former assistant coach, Nikki Bruns, right, looks in on the huddle. Bruns was named by the new Perham head volleyball coach on April 22. (Jason Groth / Perham Focus)

The Perham volleyball team will have a new, yet familiar face leading the way when the 2020 volleyball season kicks off. The Perham school board approved the recommendation from Perham Activities Director Erin Anderson to name Nikki Bruns the new head coach on April 22, replacing Eryn Moser, who resigned from the position in March.

Bruns has been a part of the Perham volleyball program as an assistant coach for six years. She was named the Section 8AA Assistant Coach of the Year during her time as an assistant coach with the Yellowjackets. Bruns was an assistant girls basketball coach and has coached in the youth basketball programs as well during her time with the Yellowjackets.

Nikki Bruns

“I am absolutely thrilled and so honored to have this position,” Bruns said. “I’m looking forward to working really, really hard at continuing the Perham tradition and program.”


Bruns has coached for more than 10 years at a variety of schools. She was a junior high coach at Walker and Pine River, before moving to West Central Area. She coached a season at St. Francis before moving to Perham as an assistant coach and head junior varsity coach for six seasons.

Anderson said Bruns brings a huge sense of investment into the Perham volleyball program.

“She deeply cares for this program. It was evident in the interview process how much she values the students and the athletes and the opportunity to work with them,” Anderson said. “Right out of the gates we have someone who is absolutely invested and already is invested. Moving from assistant coach for six years to the opportunity to captain the program and be our head coach, even more so increases her energy and excitement. I think this is something she has looked forward to in her aspirations as an educator and a coach.”

Anderson said there was interest in the program but it became clear and evident to the hiring committee during the interview process that she would be the choice.

Bruns said fans can expect to see a lot of enthusiasm, passion and excitement from her program when they see the team on the floor.

“I have established a pretty solid relationship with a lot of the players,” Bruns said. “You will see these girls working hard and you will see a coach who is extremely dedicated in providing learning opportunities and success for each athlete.”


Bruns’ familiarity with the Perham program and community should help in the transition of taking over the program, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bruns said she is taking it step-by-step during this time.

“Building these relationships, knowing these players and the community makes it a little less stressful in the transition because I feel this is an amazing community and they are very supportive of anything the school and community is going through,” Bruns said.

It’s always been a dream for Bruns to become a head coach of a varsity program. The new leader of the Yellowjackets’ volleyball team said she can’t thank the coaches enough that have helped her along the way.

“I sincerely thank Eryn Moser for mentoring me, guiding me and providing me so much knowledge and opportunity,” Bruns said. “I want to give a huge shout out to her and everything that she has done for me and my career.”

Bruns is excited for the opportunity to follow in Moser’s footsteps as the head coach of the Yellowjackets.

“She has given me a lot of learning opportunities to improve myself as a coach and more importantly as a person,” Bruns said. “She has laid such a foundation for Perham tradition and I just hope I can uphold that continued tradition that she established.”


Bruns said she is a little nervous, but she is ready for the challenge of leading the Yellowjackets.

“I have been waiting for this opportunity for a really long time,” Bruns said. “I am so honored and proud that I get to do this in the Perham school system. I just can’t wait and I’m really, really looking forward to it.”

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