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Otter Tail Lakes Country Fishing Report

Otter Tail Lakes Country

We’ve had some cool weather over the past couple of weeks and it’s greatly reduced the water temps throughout the county.  Eleven days ago the water temps were 82 degrees—mid day.   Recently they have been 67 degrees.  That’s a rapid cool down.  What does this mean for our fishing?  Keep on your toes, pay attention to the little things. Leader lengths, trolling speeds, jig zip and color, and the size and type of live bait all matter.  Walleye, bass, panfish and pike are all feeding, but they are shifting away from their summer holds into new areas.  Nearly all of the fish species are appearing closer to drop-off areas and weed lines.  Fish that were shallow all summer are beginning to migrate out to the edges and fish that were deep are beginning to push shallower. Here are a few tips:  Many of Ottertail Country’s lakes are taking on a late-summer stain which makes the water darker.  Try using bright colors, and keep your trolling speeds down.  Also, smaller-class panfish are in and near weeds, while larger panfish are being found away from heavy vegetation on drop-offs. 

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