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Fall fishing always fun in Otter Tail County

Joe Hauer caught this walleye on Otter Tail Lake Friday afternoon, Sept. 22. Courtesy photo.

Joe Hauer's first time as a walleye fisherman went well on Friday afternoon, Sept. 22, at Otter Tail Lake.

Temperatures were in the low 80s with a slight breeze.

Hauer, youth pastor for Church of the Zazarene in Fergus Falls, who has previously fished for panfish, enjoyed walleye fishing with this reporter (Tom Hintgen) and Richard Tomhave, led by professional fishing guide Ross Hagemeister.

"Fall is a great time of year for walleye fishing," said Hagemeister. "You can find walleye in shallow, deep or mid-depths this time of year."

Many nice-sized walleyes during autumn are caught in shallow water from six to 12 feet. This was the case when Hagemeister led us on the water of Otter Tail Lake on Sept. 22.

Use of bottom bouncers with minnows and crawlers led to successful walleye fishing.

"Once you find fish you are usually in good shape," said Hagemeister. "Catch one walleye and usually more nice-sized walleyes will follow."

Adds Tomhave: "Ross is happy to send home walleye filets with his clients. He takes pride in his work ethic."

Fall fishing also provides the opportunity to see and hear the loon, the official state bird for Minnesotans.

With successful fall fishing, for walleye and other fish, it's all about being in the great outdoors in Otter Tail County.

"We live in such a great area of Minnesota and are blessed to have our natural resources," said Hagemeister. "Yes, it's awesome spending time in the outdoors here in Otter Tail County."

Hauer, the first-time walleye fisherman, wholeheartedly agrees with fishing guide Hagemeister.