Park Rapids Area edges Perham/NYM

PNYMSwimIrene Mursu.JPG
Perham/New York Mills' Irene Mursu swims her way to a first place finish during the 100 breaststroke at Park Rapids Area. Vance Carlson/Forum News Service

The Perham/New York Mills girls swimming and diving team captured four first place finishes during its dual meet with Park Rapids Area on Sept. 20 in Park Rapids.

The Panthers earned a 96-60 victory over the Yellowjackets, but the Yellowjackets were able to post several strong finishes during the meet.

Dena Fischer continued her impressive start with another first place finish on the diving board. Perham/NYM had the top two finishers in the event with Brittney Lorentz coming in second. Fischer finished with a score of 222.10 points, while Lorentz ended in second with 149.55 points.

Irene Mursu captured 100 breaststroke with a time of one minute and 19.02 seconds for first place honors. Hannah Lung was first in the 100 backstroke at 1:18.93, while the 400 freestyle relay team of Kaydi Mursu, Jasmyn Olson, Lucie Meyer and Lucy Schultz finished first with a time of 4:52.26.

The 200 medley relay team of Olivea McDonald, Hannah Lung, Irene Mursu and Ellie Smith finished third at 2:12.04. Oakley McNair was fourth in the 200 freestyle at 2:37.31, while Schultz was fourth in the individual medley at 2:50.71. McDonald was fourth in the 50 freestyle at 29.05.


Irene Mursu came in second place in the 100 butterfly at 1:11.19, while McDonald was third in the 100 freestyle at 1:05.61. Jasmyn Olson came in fourth of the 500 freestyle at 7:48.12. The team of Irene Mursu, Smith, Schultz and McDonald came in with a time of 1:57.88 for second place honors.

The Yellowjackets return to action with a meet at Detroit Lakes on Sept. 24 at 6 p.m. against Detroit Lakes. The meet is the lone home meet on the schedule and takes place at the Detroit Lakes Community Center.

Park Rapids 96, Perham/NYM 60
Perham/NYM Individual Results
200 medley relay-3 Olivea McDonald, Hannah Lung, Irene Mursu, Ellie Smith, 2:12.04; 4 Lucie Meyer, Shanetta Reitmeyer, Kaydi Mursu, Oakley McNair, 2:24.45; 200 freestyle-4 Oakley McNair, 2:37.31; 5 Ellie Smith, 2:38.06; 200 individual medley-4 Lucy Schultz, 2:50.71; 5 Shanetta Reitmeyer, 3:04.08; 50 freestyle- 4 Olivea McDonald, 29.05; 5 Kaydi Mursu, 30.15; 6 Hannah Lung, 31.14; Diving-1 Dena Fischer, 222.10; 2 Brittney Lorentz, 149.55; 5 Madison Ruther, 142.20; 100 butterfly-2 Irene Mursu, 1:11.19; 5 Lucie Meyer, 1:33.81; 100 freestyle-3 Olivea McDonald, 1:05.61; 4 Oakley McNair, 1:09.05; 6 Myra King, 1:16.45; 500 freestyle-4 Jasmyn Olson, 7:48.12; 5 Chloe Koljonen, 8:00.01; 200 freestyle relay-2 Irene Mursu, Ellie Smith, Lucy Schultz, Olivea McDonald, 1:57.88; 4 Oakley McNair, Elle McDonald, Jasmyn Olson, Chloe Koljonen, 2:17.06; 100 backstroke-1 Hannah Lung, 1:18.93; 2 Kaydi Mursu, 1:21.29; 3 Ellie Smith, 1:30.19; 100 breaststroke-1 Irene Mursu, 1:19.02; 2 Lucy Schultz, 1:28.45; 3 Shanetta Reitmeyer, 1:29.31; 400 freestyle relay-1 Kaydi Mursu, Jasmyn Olson, Lucie Meyer, Lucy Schultz, 4:52.26; 2 Myra King, Chloe Koljonen, Elle McDonald, Shanetta Reitmeyer, 5:19.44.

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