Perham grapplers fourth at Rick Lee Duals

Bemidji-The Perham Yellowjacket wrestling team knew that it would be a grind when the calendar turned from 2015 to 2016. The Yellowjackets concluded another busy week with six duals in two days, competing at the annual Rick Lee Duals in Bemidji, ...

Bemidji-The Perham Yellowjacket wrestling team knew that it would be a grind when the calendar turned from 2015 to 2016.

The Yellowjackets concluded another busy week with six duals in two days, competing at the annual Rick Lee Duals in Bemidji, Minn., on Jan. 8 and 9.

“It was fun. It was some really good competition to get six matches in over two days that were tough,” Perham Head Coach Robb Moser said. “We escaped relatively ok. We wrestled some good competition and I’m proud of the way they battled. ”

The Yellowjackets finished fourth overall in the tournament. They won three duals on the opening day, while dropping three duals on the second day of the tournament, earning fourth place in the top tournament pool.

Kenyon-Wanamingo earned top honors, winning the tournament with six dual meet victories.


Frazee finished second overall, followed by Hortonville in third.

The Yellowjackets opened with three victories on Friday, disposing of Grand Rapids, Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena and Brainerd.

However, the Yellowjackets suffered a big loss when Tyler Fudge suffered an injury in his match against Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena.

“Losing Fudge to a collarbone injury certainly hurts our team. I feel really bad for him,” Moser said. “Tyler is an awesome kid and he was having a wonderful year. That really hurts, but that had less to do with it being a super long weekend and more to do with a freak injury.”

It was a strong weekend for Perham’s Ben Nelson. Nelson continued his undefeated stretch since making the move to the 120-pound class.

Nelson finished the weekend with a perfect 6-0 record, earning wins in a variety of ways.

Nelson earned a pair of decision wins, a technical fall win, a pair of major decision wins and a win by fall as well on his way to the perfect weekend.

“Nelson beat some quality kids all weekend long. He cemented his spot in the state talk about who is going to be there at 120,” Moser said. “He went up against some quality kids. Nelson put together a nice weekend.”


Perham’s Jesse Klatt had a strong weekend as well for the Yellowjackets. Klatt finished 5-1 overall for Perham, wrestling at both 195 and 220 pounds during the duals.

Klatt earned a major decision win, two fall wins and two wins by forfeit. His only defeat came against Frazee’s Jonah Lange.

“Klatt has done a great job. He is kind of unsung up there. I don’t think he has had the quality of opponents that Nelson has had along the way, but you can count on him to give you a good match,” Moser said. “The one match he did lose was to a highly ranked state kid. Klatt has done a nice job for us there.”

Moser finished with a 5-1 record as well. He earned two fall wins, a sudden victory win, a decision win and a forfeit win at 160.

During the championship rounds, the Yellowjackets ran into three talented and deep wrestling programs.

The Yellowjackets opened with Hortonville and suffered a 37-24 defeat.

The bonus points played a big role for Hortonville in the victory. They earned four fall victories as well as a major decision win.

Perham ran into a dynamic Kenyon-Wanamingo squad that eventually won the championship. Kenyon-Wanamingo won the dual, 44-15.


The Yellowjackets followed that up with a highway 10 clash against Frazee. The Hornets defeated Perham, 49-14.

It’s becoming quite the familiar opponent for Perham. The Yellowjackets squared off in eight championship matches with Frazee at the KLN Invitational. The team will meet again on Friday in Perham and will potentially face off in several matches at the annual Heart O’Lakes/Mid-State Conference Tournament.

The Hornets put the finishing touches on a tough day for the Yellowjackets. Frazee earned the dual meet win, 49-14.

Jack Fudge, Nelson and Ty Moser picked up the lone wins in the dual with Frazee.

The busy January for the Yellowjackets continues on Thursday when they host Detroit Lakes, before hosting Frazee on Friday, which will be the second time in less than a week that the Yellowjackets and the Hornets square off on the mat.  


Rick Lee Duals

Jan. 8 & 9

Bemidji State

Day 2 Results


Hortonville                         37

Perham                               24


106: Eric Barnett (HTV) over Jack Fudge (PER) (Maj. Dec. 14-5)

113: Leighton Rach (PER) over Leighton Serrano (HTV) (Fall 1:59)

120: Ben Nelson (PER) over Colin Schuler (HTV) (Dec. 5-1)

126: Jacob Barnett (HTV) over Dylan Fudge (PER) (Fall 3:44)

132: Curtis Diedrich (HTV) over Chase Curtis (PER) (Dec. 3-2)

138: Nathan Lichtfuss (HTV) over Gage Paurus (PER) (Fall 1:25)

145: Joe Cleereman (HTV) over Wyatt Guck (PER) (Dec. 7-1)

152: Joe Cliver (HTV) over Josh Germolus (PER) (Fall 4:35)

160: Elliott Luker (HTV) over Ty Moser (PER) (Dec. 6-2)

170: Zach Peterson (PER) over Griffen Cartwright (HTV) (Fall 5:12)

182: Dylan Perrine (PER) overBrad Conger (HTV) (Dec. 6-2)

195: Jesse Klatt (PER) over Michael Hills (HTV) (Dec. 3-2)

220: Jack Huebner (HTV) over Ryan Schmitz (PER) (Fall 1:42)

285: Johnathon Staebler (PER) over Jacob Stein (HTV) (Dec. 4-1)


Kenyon-Wanamingo          44

Perham                               15


106: Jeron Matson (KW) over Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) (Fall :51)

113: Ethan Cota (KW) over Rach (PER) (Maj. Dec. 10-0)

120: Nelson (PER) over Seth Brossard (KW) (Dec. 4-0)

126: Jared Clawiter (KW) over Fudge (PER) (Maj. Dec. 10-1)

132: Bradley Kish (KW) over Curtis (PER) (Dec. 6-4)

138: Tyler Ryan (KW) over Wyatt Guck (PER) (Fall :33)

145: Matthew Houglum (KW) over Gage Paurus (PER) (Fall 4:49)

152: Peyton Hilke (KW) over Germolus (PER) (SV-1, 3-1)

160: Moser (PER) over Dylan Craig (KW) (SV-1 3-1)

170: Ted Androli (KW) over Peterson (PER) (Dec. 6-2)

182: Luke Rechtzigel (KW) over Perrine (PER) (Dec. 4-3)

195: Klatt (PER) over Matt Bauer (KW) (Fall 3:24)

220: Seth Donkers (KW) over Schmitz (PER) (Fall 2:57)

285: Staebler (PER) over Austin Jackson (KW) (Dec. 2-0)



Frazee                                 49

Perham                               14


106: Fudge (PER) over Michael Miller (FRZ) (Dec. 12-9)

113: Tanner Schermerhorn (FRZ) over Rach (PER) (Dec. 4-2)

120: Nelson (PER) over Riley Kitchenmaster (FRZ) (TF 18-3)

126: Tanner Reetz (FRZ) over Fudge (PER) (Maj. Dec. 11-1)

132: Ethan Byer (FRZ) over Curtis (PER) (Maj. Dec. 12-3)

138: Grant Jepson (FRZ) over Guck (PER) (TF 17-2)

145: Tanner Eischens (FRZ) over Paurus (PER) (Fall :20)

152: Charleton Wake (FRZ) over Germolus (PER) (Fall :58)

160: Moser over Cole Hanson (FRZ) (Fall 5:27)

170: Tanner Bachmann (FRZ) over Peterson (PER) (Dec. 7-2)

182; Austin Beaty (FRZ) over Perrine (PER) (SV-1, 3-1)

195: Jonah Lange (FRZ) over Klatt (PER) (Fall 5:07)

220: Rory Drewes (FRZ) over Schmitz (PER) (Dec. 4-0)

285: Tanner Tappe (FRZ) over Staebler (PER) (Fall 3:10)


Rick Lee Duals

Jan. 8 & 9

Bemidji State

Day 1 Results


Perham                               47

Grand Rapids                      16


106: Jack Fudge (PER) over Josh Holm (GR) (Dec. 9-6

113: Kyle Lundberg (GR) over Leighton Rach (PER) (SV-1, 7-2)

120: Ben Nelson (PER) over Kellen Schauer (GR) (Maj. Dec. 13-2)

126: Cole Jones (GR) over Dylan Fudge (PER) (Maj. Dec. 11-3)

132: Chase Curtis (PER) over Joe Tindal (GR) (SV-1, 4-2)

138: Joe Palik (GR) over Gage Paurus (PER) (Dec. 5-0)

145: Tyler Fudge (PER) over Dylan Kislia (GR) (Fall 4:55)

152: Phillip Murphy (GR) over Josh Germolus (PER) (Fall 3:17)

160: Ty Moser (PER) over Brandon Frisby (GR) (Dec. 7-2)

170: Zach Peterson (PER) over Jordan Casper (GR) (Fall 1:19)

182: Dylan Perrine (PER) over Garrett Britten (GR) (Maj. Dec. 12-2)

195: Jesse Klatt (PER) win by forfeit

220: Ryan Schmitz (PER) over Cole Walters (GR) (Fall 3:21)

285: Johnathon Staebler (PER) over Cody Cisco (GR) (Fall :31)


Perham                               54

Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena 12


106: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) over Trenten Juelson (BCLB) (Maj. Dec. 11-0)

113: Rach (PER) over Aaron Sharbono (BCLB) (Fall 3:38)

120: Nelson (PER) over Michael Staples (BCLB) (Fall :45)

126: Ian Frenzel (BCLB) over Wyatt Guck (PER) (Dec. 2-0)

132: Fudge (PER) over Logan Dobmeier (BCLB) (Maj. Dec. 12-3)

138: Curtis (PER) over Lucas Reiplinger (BCLB) (Dec. 5-1)

145: Michael Juelson (BCLB) over Fudge (PER) (Injury 4:56)

152: Germolus (PER) over John Fairbanks (BCLB) (Fall 1:38)

160: Moser (PER) wins by forfeit

170: Peterson (PER) over Kyle Kolhoff (BCLB) (Fall 3:33)

182: Evan Guck (PER) over Johnathan Smid (BCLB) (Dec. 7-3)

195: Perrine (PER) over Hunter Wilcowski (BCLB) (Maj. Dec. 10-0)

220: Klatt (PER) over Nate Yates (BCLB) (Fall 1:47)

285: Chase Johnson (BCLB) over Schmitz (PER) (Dec. 2-0)


Perham                               48

Brainerd                             17


106: Fudge (PER) over Brad Patnode (BRD) (Dec. 13-9

113: Rach (PER) over Kyle Patnode (BRD) (Dec. 5-0)

120: Nelson (PER) over Cole Kubesch (BRD) (Dec. 6-3)

126: Fudge (PER) over Braden Kramer (BRD) (Fall 2:44

132:  Curtis (PER) over Drew Robinson (BRD) (Dec. 2-0)

138: Max Boran (BRD) over Paurus (PER) (Dec. 8-4)

145: Andy Schlosser (BRD) over Wyatt Guck (PER) (TF 20-2)

152: Germolus (PER) over Chance Miller (BRD) (Fall 1:02)

160: Moser (PER) over Tate Arntson (BRD) (Fall 3:03)

170: Peterson (PER) over Hardy (BRD) (Fall 3:28)

182: Morgan Gibson (BRD) over Evan Guck (PER) (Dec. 4-0)

195: Logan Theodore (BRD) over Perrine (PER) (Fall 6:00)

220: Klatt (PER) wins by forfeit

285: Staebler (PER) over Isaak Hines (BRD) (Fall 1:48)


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