Perham/NYM cuts time against Detroit Lakes

Perham/NYM's Shanetta Reitmeyer competes in the freestyle portion of the 200 individual medley in their dual meet with Detroit Lakes. (Jason Groth / Perham Focus)

The Perham/New York Mills girls swimming and diving team had a day of time cuts and personal bests when they competed with Detroit Lakes at the Detroit Lakes Community Center on Sept. 17.

While the Lakers captured the duel meet by a wide margin, the Yellowjackets had several good times and scores during the event. The Lakers defeated Perham/NYM 130-55 on their way to another big victory during this new season.

Brittney Lorentz picked up the lone Perham/NYM victory when she posted a new personal best in the diving competition. She recorded a score of 202.70 in her six dives for top honors. Avery McAllister was third with 159.55 points.

Perham/NYM's Brittney Lorentz focuses in and gets ready to perform her dive during the diving competition with Detroit Lakes. (Jason Groth / Perham Focus)


The team of Lucie Meyer, Shanetta Reitmeyer, Irene Mursu and Lucy Schultz started the meet off with a third place finish in the 200 medley relay at 2:18.32.

Irene Mursu followed with a second place finish in the 200 freestyle at 2:16.48, while Reitmeyer was fourth in the 200 individual medley at 3:00.30. Lucie Meyer came in fourth as well in the 50 freestyle with a time of 31.46.

Kaydi Mursu was fourth in the 100 butterfly at 1:20.32, while Lucy Schultz came in third in the 100 freestyle at 1:07.58. Jasmyn Olson followed with a fourth place finish in the 500 freestyle at 7:37.46. The relay team of Irene Mursu, Kaydi Mursu, Lucie Meyer and Lucy Schultz came in second at 2:00.04.

Perham/NYM's Kaydi Mursu pushes forward in the 100 butterfly event against Detroit Lakes. (Jason Groth / Perham Focus)

Lucie Meyer followed with a second place finish in the 100 backstroke at 1:20.50, while Irene Mursu was third in the 100 breaststroke at 1:16.98. The event closed with the team of Shanetta Reitmeyer, Jasmyn Olson, Josi Mindermann and Kaydi Mursu finishing third in the 400 freestyle relay at 5:08.18.

The Perham/NYM swimming and diving team returns to action with a meet at Thief River Falls on Sept. 21. The event is a rescheduled meet from earlier in the season. The team teams will swim at 5:30 p.m.


Perham/NYM's Josi Mindermann finishes the turn and swims towards the finish line of the 500 freestyle. (Jason Groth / Perham Focus)

Detroit Lakes 130, Perham/New York Mills 55

Individual Results

200 Medley Relay-3 Lucie Meyer, Shanetta Reitmeyer, Irene Mursu, Lucy Schultz, 2:18.32; 5 Molly Meyer, Taylor Ziemke, Maggie Vickmark, Elle McDonald, DQ; 200 Freestyle- 2 Irene Mursu, 2:16.48; 4 Lucy Schultz, 2:31.86; 6 Molly Meyer, 2:45.30; 200 Individual Medley-4 Shanetta Reitmeyer, 3:00.30; 5 Maggie Vickmark, 3:00.52; 6 Elle McDonald, 3:06.56; 50 Freestyle- 4 Lucie Meyer, 31.46; 5 Jasmyn Olson, 33.18; 6 Josi Mindermann, 34.81; Diving-1 Brittney Lorentz, 202.70; 3 Avery McAllister, 159.55; 4 Madison Ruther, 153.25; 100 Butterfly-4 Kaydi Mursu, 1:20.32; 100 Freestyle-3 Lucy Schultz, 1:07.58; 4 Taylor Ziemke, 1:07.64; 6 Elle McDonald, 1:20.17; 500 Freestyle- 4 Jasmyn Olson, 7:37.46; 5 Josi Mindermann, 7:47.77; 6 Madeleine Lamb, 8:22.68; 200 Freestyle Relay-2 Irene Mursu, Kaydi Mursu, Lucie Meyer, Lucy Schultz, 2:00.04; 4 Taylor Ziemke, Molly Meyer, Maggie Vickmark, Elle McDonald, 2:08.67; 100 Backstroke-2 Lucie Meyer, 1:20.50; 3 Molly Meyer, 1:22.19; 5 Maggie Vickmark, 1:22.38; 100 Breaststroke-3 Irene Mursu, 1:16.98; 5 Katelyn Kratzke, 1:30.47; 6 Taylor Ziemke, 1:31.93; 400 Freestyle relay-3 Shanetta Reitmeyer, Jasmyn Olson, Josi Mindermann, Kaydi Mursu, 5:08.18.


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