Perham sets guidelines for spring activities

Minnesota State High School League COVID guidelines continue to be followed


Perham will continue to follow Minnesota State High School League COVID guidelines for spring activities. Although these guidelines may vary depending on the activity, there are several guidelines that apply to all activities, including social distancing and masking for both spectators and athletes.

Spectators are encouraged to remain socially distanced as much as possible. Additionally, even though most activities are outdoors, crowds are still required to wear masks. Crowds will also be limited to 250 spectators for most events. Spectators can visit the MSHSL website ( ) and click on the sport for more specific details on that specific sport. Guidelines appear to be updated weekly, so any changes will be available there first.

For student athletes, social distancing will continue to be maintained. Masks continue to be required with a few exceptions for individual sports where 6 feet of physical distance can be maintained. The mask restrictions are being reviewed by the Department of Health, and the MSHSL has asked for some changes to the restrictions when athletes are competing.

At this time, livestreaming is not in place for any spring activities. However, according to Perham activities director Erin Anderson, "We are currently looking at the possibility of potentially livestreaming some softball and baseball if we are able to."

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