Perham Softball Standings

Perham Softball Standings

Big Pine Lodge 14-0

Weller Oil/Joe’s Backhoe/Arvig 10-4

Hairloft 11-5

Wadena VFW/Ameriprise 9-5


Northern Lakes Marine/Silver Moon 8-6

Silver Moon/Ace Hardware 7-7

Mich Golden Light/Beyond Home Care 8-8

Lund Boats 4-10

Kit Masters 1-13

The Warriors 0-14


July 18


Big Pine Lodge 29, The Warriors 2

Lund Boats 12, Northern Lakes Marine/Silver Moon 7

Weller Oil/Joe’s Backhoe/Arvig 23, Kit Masters 15

Wadena VFW/Ameriprise 15, Mich Golden Light/Beyond Home Care 2

Wadena VFW/Ameriprise 13, Lund Boats 11

Weller Oil/Joe’s Backhoe/Arvig 21, The Warriors 1

Northern Lakes Marine/Silver Moon 17, Kit Masters 11

Big Pine Lodge 20, Hairloft 15


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