Perham swimmers compete in triangular meet

The Perham Yellowjacket boys swimming team continued to drop times when they competed in the Fergus Falls Triangular on Jan. 5. The Yellowjackets finished with 41 points, while Fergus Falls won the event with 145 points. Melrose/Sauk Centre finis...

The Perham Yellowjacket boys swimming team continued to drop times when they competed in the Fergus Falls Triangular on Jan. 5.

The Yellowjackets finished with 41 points, while Fergus Falls won the event with 145 points. Melrose/Sauk Centre finished second with 136 points.

“The boys are learning still and learning fast,” Perham Head Coach Trent Swanson said. “We had a great time over break making huge progress. A team of 11 swimmers, one was sick, with five that swam last year and five have never worn goggles before, so that is who we are.”

Patrick Murphy earned a pair of third place finishes for Perham. He was third in the 50 freestyle with a finishing time of 23.66. He added a third place finish in the 100 freestyle as well, finishing with a time of 53.37.

“Patrick Murphy is back in the pool and swam against state swimmers from last year and did really well,” Swanson said. “Murphy is working on the little things and is working towards a state run.”


The Yellowjackets continue to develop several young swimmers, competing in each meet with five new swimmers. The team continues to make strides on the young season.

“Aaron Wegscheid is a new swimmer that works hard, learns fast and is coming down each week. He has earned his spot on the ‘A’ relay,” Swanson said. “All of the boys are working hard and putting in hard, quality yards at practice. The way these guys looked three weeks ago in Morris versus today is a world of difference. We look forward to what and where these boys will go.”


Fergus Falls Triangular

Fergus Falls HS

Jan. 5

Team Results



Fergus Falls 145, Melrose/Sauk Centre 136, Perham 41


Individual Results

200 medley relay-1, FF, 1:48.14; 5, PER, Jaden Cummings, Mason Skorup, Gavin Kehoe, Patrick Murphy, 2:15.12; 6, PER, Hunter Ditterich, Kevin Swanson, Kyle Swanson, Colton Ditterich, 2:43.16; 200 freestyle-1, M/SC, Ben Heller, 1:55.44; 5, PER, Mason Skorup, 2:38.08; 6, PER, Kyle Swanson, 2:44.11; 200-individual medley-1, M/SC, Kenney Warzecha, 2:16.03; 5, PER, Jaden Cummings, 2:49.68; 6, PER, Gavin Kehoe, 2:58.62; 50 freestyle-1, FF, Luke Raitz, 23.10; 3, PER, Patrick Murphy, 23.66; 6, PER, Aaron Wegscheid, 29.49; Diving-1, FF, Evan Erlandson, 156.05; 100 butterfly-1, M/SC, Kenny Warzecha, 57.71; 5, PER, Mason Skorup, 1:26.60; 6, PER, Kyle Swanson, 1:30.92; 100 freestyle-1, FF, Luke Raitz, 50.34; 3, PER, Patrick Murphy, 53.37; 6, PER, Hunter Ditterich, 1:11.06; 500 freestyle- 1, M/SC, Ben Heller, 5:34.35; 5, PER, Gavin Kehoe, 7:20.01; 200 freestyle relay-1, FF, 1:34.09; 5, PER, Patrick Murphy, Aaron Wegscheid, Gavin Kehoe, Jaden Cummings, 1:56.58; 100 backstroke-1, M/SC, Isaac Schreiner, 59.87; 5, PER, Jaden Cummings, 1:16.85; 6, PER, Aaron Wegscheid, 1:30.62; 100 breaststroke-1, FF, Daniel Kowalski, 1:06.64; 5, PER, Hunter Ditterich, 1:39.40; 6, PER, Kevin Swanson, 1:48.92; 400 freestyle relay-1, M/SC, 3:30.36; 5, PER,  Mason Skorup, Aaron Wegscheid, Kevin Swanson, Hunter Ditterich, 4:47.44.

Perham vs. Moorhead


The Perham Yellowjackets returned to the pool for a dual meet with the Moorhead Spuds on Jan. 7 in Moorhead.

The Spuds swam away with a 111-57 victory over the Yellowjackets.

The Yellowjackets had several bright spots in the meet, including four individual race wins.

Patrick Murphy topped the field in the 50 freestyle. Murphy finished with the best time of 23.93 seconds.

Jaden Cummings followed with a victory in the 100 butterfly for the Yellowjackets. Cummings ended the race with a time of 1:12.40, just touching out Justin Woida at the finish for the win.

Murphy added a second place finish to his day as well. He finished second in the 100 freestyle, finishing with a time of 53.57.

The Yellowjacket 200 freestyle relay team of Murphy, Gavin Kehoe, Cummings and Mason Skorup finished second as well. They finished with a time of 1:55.04.

Kehoe earned a win in the 100 breaststroke. Kehoe ended with a time of 1:36.51, ahead of teammate Nick Babler, who finished second. Babler touched in with a time of 2:00.85.

The Yellowjackets closed the meet out with a first and second place finish in the 400 freestyle relay. The team of Hunter Ditterich, Kyle Swanson, Kevin Swanson and Mason Skorup ended with a time of 4:50.05 for first place, while the team of Zepherian Richardson, Nick Babler, Colton Ditterich and Aaron Wegscheid came in second place. They finished with a time of 6:05.37.

The Yellowjackets return to the pool for a dual meet in Park Rapids on Thursday. The meet begins at 6 p.m. in Park Rapids.


Moorhead           111

Perham               57


Individual results

200 medley relay-1, MH, 2:05.15; 3, PER, Jaden Cummings, Mason Skorup, Gavin Kehoe, Patrick Murphy, 2:13.86; 5, PER, Colton Ditterich, Nick Babler, Kyle Swanson, Zepherian Richardson, 2:59.38; 200 freestyle-1, MH, Ian Smith, 2:14.62; 3, PER, Hunter Ditterich, 2:35.38; 4, Gavin Kehoe, 2:41.04; 200 individual medley-1, MH, Adam Altendorf, 2:28.03; 50 freestyle-1, PER, Patrick Murphy, 23.93; 5, PER, Aaron Wegscheid, 29.83; 6, PER, Kyle Swanson, 34.34; 7, PER, Nick Babler, 44.80; 100 butterfly-1, PER, Jaden Cummings, 1:12.40; 5, PER, Kevin Swanson, 1:32.72; 100 freestyle-1, MH, Kyle Johnson, 51.88; 2, PER, Patrick Murphy, 53.57; 5, PER, Mason Skorup, 1:06.90; 6, PER, Zepherian Richardson, 1:41.10; 500 freestyle-1, Anthony Johnson, 6:04.14; 4, PER, Aaron Wegscheid, 7:57.75; 200 freestyle relay-1, MH, 1:50.88; 2, PER, Patrick Murphy, Gavin Kehoe, Jaden Cummings, Mason Skorup, 1:55.04; 4, PER,  Kevin Swanson, Kyle Swanson, Hunter Ditterich, Aaron Wegscheid, 2:04.62; 100 backstroke-1, MH, Kyle Johnson, 1:00.33; 4, PER, Jaden Cummings, 1:17.13; 5, PER, Colton Ditterich, 1:44.71; 100 breaststroke-1, PER, Gavin Kehoe, 1:36.51; 2, PER, Nick Babler, 2:00.85; 400 freestyle relay-1, PER, Hunter Ditterich, Kyle Swanson, Kevin Swanson, Mason Skorup, 4:50.05; 2, PER, Zepherian Richardson, Nick Babler, Colton Ditterich, Aaron Wegscheid, 6:05.37.

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