Perham takes home the Rick Lee championship

The third-ranked Perham Yellowjackets continued their domination of the Rick Lee Duals in Bemidji as they posted a perfect 6-0 record over the two-day event on Jan. 11 and 12 in Bemidji.

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Perham's Gabe Bellefeuille fights to get the fall against Detroit Lakes' Brody Ullyott at 126. Bellefeuille earned a sudden victory 4-2 over Ullyott. Micah Friez/Forum News Service

The third-ranked Perham Yellowjackets continued their domination of the Rick Lee Duals in Bemidji as they posted a perfect 6-0 record over the two-day event on Jan. 11 and 12 in Bemidji.

The Yellowjackets rolled through Cambridge-Isanti 68-3, Brainerd 52-16, and Bloomington Kennedy 68-12 on the first day of the event.

Due to tournament rules and qualifying, the championship pod became a familiar affair for the Yellowjackets. They wrestled Thief River Falls for the third time and defeated the Prowlers 57-15. Along with the Prowlers, the Yellowjackets beat a pair of close rivals when they defeated Detroit Lakes 36-21, and blanked the Frazee Hornets 65-0.

Moser said the key for the Yellowjackets’ success during the event was their consistency.

“We really haven’t had any poor performances as a team,” Moser said. “The guys have done a fantastic job of managing their mental and physical fatigue and that has prevented them from having any major letdowns. We know our kids are tired--we have had more than 20 matches since Christmas, but they haven’t really shown that they are tired.”


In the highly anticipated matchup between Perham and Detroit Lakes, it was the Yellowjackets picking up the 36-21 win. It was a potential preview of Thursday’s dual at The Hive and a possible Section 8AA Championship preview. Moser said facing them in advance of Thursday’s dual may have taken some shine off of the match, but it showed how good wrestling is in the area with three area teams in the championship pod.

Owen Werner picked up a forfeit win at 106, which was followed by a Blaze Brady 8-4 victory over Cade Jackson at 113.

After dropping a match at 120, Perham came back with a pair of wins from Gabe Bellefeuille  at 126 and Leighton Rach at 132. Perham dropped a fall at 138, but responded with a pair of wins from Jack Fudge at 145 and Dylan Fudge at 152. After DL took two victories, Perham stormed back with three wins in the final four matches. Zach Peterson won by decision 7-3 at 182, Ty Moser won by decision 8-5 at 195 and Dawson Kellogg was victorious at 220 by fall at 1:17, helping Perham secure the win.

Perham followed with a 57-15 win over Thief River Falls in its second match of the championship pool. Werner, Brady, Bellefeuille, Leighton Rach, Jack Fudge, Dylan Fudge, Brian Ramos, Peterson, Moser, Kellogg and Colton Kostynick were victorious against Thief River Falls.

Perham followed with a whitewashing of Frazee, defeating the Hornets 65-0. Seven of the victories for Perham were by fall in the event.  Werner, Gareth Covington, Jack Fudge, Dylan Fudge, Matthew Bush, Ramos and Rowdie Lindquist won by fall.

Brady, Bellefeuille, Leighton Rach, Braylon Rach, Peterson and Kellogg won by decision, while Moser captured a technical fall win.

The Yellowjackets will return home for their second home meet of the season. They will take on the Lakers at the Hive.

“They are really good. They create lots of matchup problems for us and we better be ready to go,” Robb Moser said. “It is exciting finally to be back wrestling at home. It should be a great environment for two of the best teams in the state.”


The event begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Hive on Jan. 17.


Rick Lee Duals

Championship Rounds

Perham 36, Detroit Lakes 21

106: Owen Werner (PER) wins by forfeit

113: Blaze Brady (PER) def. Cade Jackson (DL) (Dec 8-4)

120: Bradly Swiers (DL) def. Gareth Covington (PER) (Dec 10-4)


126: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) def. Brody Ullyott (DL) (SV-1 4-2)

132: Leighton Rach (PER) def. Blake Weber (DL) (Dec 5-2)

138: Fabyon Greer (DL) def. Braylon Rach (PER) (Fall 1:29)

145: Jack Fudge (PER) def. Blaine Henderson (DL) (Dec 10-9)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) def. Garett Nelson (DL) (Fall 1:21)

160: Brennen Sather (DL) def. Matthew Bush (PER) (Fall 2:40)

170: Isaiah Thompson (DL) def. Brian Ramos (PER) (Dec 12-10)

182: Zachary Peterson (PER) def. Noah Olds (DL) (Dec 7-3)

195: Ty Moser (PER) def. Jordan Skadsem (DL) (Dec 8-5)

220: Dawson Kellogg (PER) def. Andrew Annette (DL) (Fall 1:17)

285: Charles Barnett (DL) def. Rowdie Lindquist (PER) (Dec 4-0)

Perham 57, Thief River Falls 15

106: Owen Werner (PER) over Kale Geiser (TRF) (Fall 1:23)

113: Blaze Brady (PER) over Griffin Lundeen (TRF) (Maj 9-1)

120: Cody Wienen (TRF) over Gareth Covington (PER) (Fall 2:50)

126: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) over Alex Lancto (TRF) (Fall 3:28)

132: Cade Lundeen (TRF) over Braylon Rach (PER) (Fall 0:40)

138: Leighton Rach (PER) over Brady Kasprick (TRF) (Dec 5-2)

145: Jack Fudge (PER) over Jake Davis (TRF) (Fall 3:08)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) wins by forfeit

160: Cole Johnson (TRF) over Matthew Bush (PER) (Dec 7-3)

170: Brian Ramos (PER) over Bowen Miller (TRF) (Fall 3:18)

182: Zachary Peterson (PER) over Kevin Jensen (TRF) (Fall 2:20)

195: Ty Moser (PER) over Mason Iverson (TRF) (TF 18-3)

220: Dawson Kellogg (PER) over Brenan Peralta (TRF) (Dec 3-1)

285: Colton Kostynick (PER) over Tyce McElrath (TRF) (Fall 1:21)

Perham 65, Frazee 0

106: Owen Werner (PER) over Jake Nagel (FRA) (Fall 0:17)

113: Blaze Brady (PER) over Christian Carlson (FRA) (Dec 6-0)

120: Gareth Covington (PER) over Tyler Moe (FRA) (Fall 3:18)

126: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) over Lukas Volstad (FRA) (Dec 5-0)

132: Leighton Rach (PER) over Brock Barlund (FRA) (Dec 7-2)

138: Braylon Rach (PER) over Kaden Heimenz (FRA) (Dec 7-3)

145: Jack Fudge (PER) over Mason Newling (FRA) (Fall 1:37)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) over Ricky Roforth (FRA) (Fall 0:47)

160: Matthew Bush (PER) over Joby Geifer (FRA) (Fall 5:00)

170: Brian Ramos (PER) over Danny Graham (FRA) (Fall 1:50)

182: Zachary Peterson (PER) over Brett Graham (FRA) (Dec 8-3)

195: Ty Moser (PER) over Gabe Drewes (FRA) (TF 16-0)

220: Dawson Kellogg (PER) over Luke Tweeton (FRA) (TB-1 2-1)

285: Rowdie Lindquist (PER) over Howard Solem (FRA) (Fall 1:45)

Day 1

Perham 68, Bloomington Kennedy 12

106: Owen Werner (PER) def. Gabe Brouillard (BK) (Fall :51)

113: Blaze Brady (PER) def. Lbrahim Aloul (BK) (Fall 1:40)

120: Gareth Covington (PER) def. Mason Scott (BK) (Maj. Dec. 10-0)

126: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) def. Allen Everson (BK) (Fall 3:19)

132: Braylon Rach (PER) def. Derek Eager (BK) (Fall 3:38)

138: Leighton Rach (PER) def. Jeff McDonald (BK) (Fall 4:05)

145: Jack Fudge (PER) def. Billy Reineccius (BK) (Fall 1:37)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) def. Joe Jeans (BK) (Maj. Dec. 9-0)

160: Isaac Grams (BK) def. Matthew Bush (PER) (Fall 4:59)

170: Brian Ramos (PER) def. Dylan Long (BK) (Fall 1:23)

182: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Riley O’Neil (BK) (Fall 1:31)

195: Ty Moser (PER) def. Kaimana Lorick (BK) (Fall 1:31)

220: Tyreese Goodman (BK) wins by forfeit

285: Rowdie Lindquist (PER) def. Valiant Taylor (BK) (Fall 3:32)

Perham 52, Brainerd 16

106: Owen Werner (PER) def. Isaiah Jillson (BRD) (Maj 11-2)

113: Blaze Brady (PER) def. Tommy Daniels (BRD) (Fall 0:53)

120: Atlie Danielson (BRD) def. Gareth Covington (PER) (Dec 9-6)

126: Kyle Eschenbacher (BRD) def. Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) (Dec 4-3)

132: Leighton Rach (PER) def. Denny Busbey (BRD) (Dec 3-1)

138: Kyle Patnode (BRD) def. Braylon Rach (PER) (Fall 1:11)

145: Jack Fudge (PER) def. Brad Patnode (BRD) (Fall 1:50)

152: Dylan Fudge (PER) def. Blake Wgeishofski (BRD) (Fall 2:35)

160: Braden Kramer (BRD) def. Matthew Bush (PER) (Maj 12-2)

170: Brian Ramos (PER) def. Isaiah Boberg (BRD) (Maj 14-2)

182: Zachary Peterson (PER) def. Forrest Gibson (BRD) (Fall 1:07)

195: Ty Moser (PER) def. Morgan Gibson (BRD) (TF 17-1)

220: Dawson Kellogg (PER) def. Cade Barrett (BRD) (Fall 2:40)

285: Colton Kostynick (PER) wins by forfeit

Perham 68, Cambridge-Isanti 3

106: Owen Werner (PER) def. Logan Lindquist (CI) (Fall :38)

113: Blaze Brady (PER) def. Payton Doty (CI) (Maj. Dec. 13-2)

120: Gareth Covington (PER) def. Gavin Hajek (CI) (Dec. 6-2)

126: Gabe Bellefeuille (PER) def. Dalton Ball (CI) (Dec. 12-5)

132: Braylon Rach (PER) def. Jacob Mujwid (CI) (Fall 5:36)

138: Leighton Rach (PER) def. Romeo Nordquist (CI) (Maj. Dec. 9-1)

145: Jack Fudge (PER) def. Ryan Droubie (CI) (Fall :53)

152: Tate Torgerson (CI) def. Dylan Fudge (PER) (Dec. 15-11)

160: Matthew Bush (PER) def. Jimmy Brown (CI) (Fall 1:39)

170: Brian Ramos (PER) def. Travis Drews (CI) (Fall 3:45)

182: Zach Peterson (PER) def. Jacob Maurer (CI) (Fall :39)
195: Ty Moser (PER) def. Easton Johnson (CI) (Fall :38)

220: Dawson Kellogg (PER) wins by forfeit

285: Colton Kostynick (PER) def. Jacob McCade (CI) (Fall 3:56)


DSC_1196 (1).JPG
Perham's Braylon Rach ties up Detroit Lakes' Fabyon Greer during their match at 138 pounds. Micah Friez/Forum News Service

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