Perham track and field team wins last meet

Boys, girls teams have momentum going into postseason.
The Perham girls lead the 1600 meter run in the Yellowjackets last home meet of the season Thursday, May 20, at Meinhover Field. From left to right: Aspen Rohde, Mya Morris, Liz Birkeland, Mia Lung, Stella Strong, Myriah Tharaldson. (Meghan Perry / Focus)

The Perham boys and girls track teams both had decisive victories in the last regular season meet of the season Thursday, May 20, at Meinhover Field in Perham.

The girls team scored 158.50 points in the meet, followed by Frazee in second place with 65.50 points. They took first in seven events. In the track events, Mya Morris won the 1600 meter run, and the relay team of Trinity Covington, Leelou Novotny, Lola Strong, and Quincy Anderson took first in the 4x800 meter relay. Lauryn Rustad took first in the 100 meter hurdles, and Leelou Novotny won the 800 meter run. The relay team of Kennedy Pilgrim, Mary Wunderlich, Lola Pulver, and Novotny won the 4x400 meter relay by nearly three seconds. In the field events, Pilgrim won the triple jump and Maya Richter won the pole vault events for the Yellowjackets.

The boys team scored 108.50 points in the meet, and Frazee took second with 84 points. In the track events for the boys team, Jakob McCleary won the 1600 meter run by nearly 30 seconds. The relay team of McCleary, Gabe Thompson, Gareth Covington, and Elijah Morris won the 4x400 meter relay. In the field events, Levi Richter took first in the long jump and pole vault.

Head coach Mike Peterson was pleased with how the teams competed. "We had a great day in our last home track meet of the year," he said. "Both the boys and girls teams competed well and had a lot of great performances. We continue to get stronger every day and are excited for the end of the season tournaments."

Seniors were also recognized and competed in their last home meet. They include Tiavion Posey, Caleb Lung, Carson Hespe, Gabe Thompson, Jackson Mertes, Elijah Morris, Gus Gonzalez, Gareth Covington, Danny Chavez, and Ga


Ariana Doll passes the baton to Gracie Morris in the 4x100 meter relay Thursday, May 20, 2021, at Meinhover Field in Perham. (Meghan Perry / Focus)

rrett Kingsley on the boys team, and Mary Wunderlich, Allyson Streiff, and Kira Johnson on the girls team.

Girls Team Results

Perham 158.50, Frazee 65.50, Pelican Rapids 63, Ashby Brandon Evansville 39, Breckenridge

Perham Girls Individual Results

1600m run-1 Mya Morris, 5:57.15; 3 Elizabeth Birkeland, 6:08.90; 4 Mia Lung, 6:11.57; 5 Aspen Rohde, 6:13.28; 6 Stella Strong, 6:16.77; 8 Myriah Tharaldson, 6:35.57; 12 Kaitlyn Sautter, 7:22.60; 4x100m relay-2 Ariana Doll, Gracie Morris, Natalie Rooney, Willow Thiel, 55.30; 400m dash-4 Trinity Covington, 1:06.64; 300m hurdles-3 Lily Aakre, 50.77; 4 Lauryn Rustad, 51.56; 10 Erin Becker, 59.90; 11 Anya Roe, 1:00.41; 12 Lizzie Dale, 1:03.09; 4x800m relay-1 Trinity Covington, Leelou Novotny, Lola Strong, Quincy Anderson, 11:20.01; 100m hurdles-1 Lauryn Rustand, 17.13; 2 Lily Aakre, 17.16; 6 Olivia Rosenthal, 18.52; 9 Erin Becker, 20.28; 11 Anya Roe, 21.70; 12 Lizzie Dale, 22.93; 100m dash-3 Mary Wunderlich, 13.48; 4 Natalie Rooney, 14.16; 5 Alexis Hartmann, 14.24; 6 Ariana Doll, 14.33; 4x200m relay-2 Kennedy Pilgrim, Alexis Hartmann, Lola Pulver, Mary Wunderlich, 1:53.20; 800m run-1 Leelou Novotny, 2:37.55; 4 Quincy Anderson, 2:42.62; 7 Mia Lung, 2:49.09; 10 Lola Pulver, 2:53.61; 13 Myriah Tharaldson, 3:01.00; 200m dash-2 Lola Pulver, 28.51; 3 Kennedy Pilgrim, 29.38; 4 Ariana Doll, 30.10; 6 Gracie Morris, 30.21; 4x400m relay-1 Kennedy Pilgrim, Mary Wunderlich, Lola Pulver, Leelou Novotny, 4:25.16; 4 Mya Morris, Trinity Covington, Elizabeth Birkeland, Stella Strong, 4:33.65; Long Jump-2 Natalie Rooney, 13-08.50; 3 Lola Pulver, 13-05.25; 4 Danial VanWatermulen, 13-05; 5 Alexis Hartmann, 13-03; 6 Maya Richter, 13-00.75; 8 Lily Aakre, 13-00.25; Triple Jump-1 Kennedy Pilgrim, 32-08.25; 2 Mary Wunderlich, 31-05.75; 4 Lily Aakre, 27-07; Discus-2 Kira Johnson, 87-09; 3 Allyson Streiff, 82-10; 9 Autumn Ziemann, 61-05; 15 Kallie Rourke, 47-07; 17 Ashley Coronado, 37-10; Shot Put-3 Allyson Streiff, 26-08; 7 Kira Johnson, 24-08.50; 8 Autumn Ziemann, 24-01.50; 17 Ashley Coronado, 16-01; High Jump-6 Willow Thiel, 4-06; 9 Olivia Rosenthal, 4-04; 10 Trinity Covington, 4-02; Pole Vault-1 Maya Richter, 8-06; 2 Danial VanWatermulen, 8-06; 3 Gracie Morris, 8-06; 4 Natalie Rooney, 8-00

Boys Team Results

Perham 108.50, Frazee 84, Ashby Brandon Evansville 77.50, Breckenridge 54, Pelican Rapids 41


Perham's Colton Hackel competes in the triple jump for the Yellowjackets Thursday, May 20, 2021, at Meinhover Field in Perham. (Meghan Perry / Focus)

Perham Boys Individual Results

1600m run-1 Jakob McCleary, 4:26.66; 2 Carson Hespe, 4:55.16; 3 Micah Thompson, 5:00; 4 Carter Flatau, 5:05.72; 5 Bjorn Anderson, 5:06.28; 6 Caden Doll, 5:10.90; 13 Reier Tweeton, 6:24.48; 14 Samuel LaFond, 6:28.03; 4x100m relay-2 Levi Richter, Noah Thompson, Elijah Morris, Colton Hackel, 46.89; 400m dash-2 Gabe Thompson, 55.61; 300m hurdles-2 Tiavion Posey, 47.18; 7 Jovani Vazquez, 51.03; 9 Domanik Hagen, 52.02; 110m hurdles-2 Tiavion Posey, 17.66; 4 Domanik Hagen, 21.01; 5 Jovani Vazquez, 21.04; 100m dash-7 Noah Thompson, 12.45; 9 Tiavion Posey, 12.64; 4x200m relay-3 Aiden Kennedy, Noah Thompson, Elijah Morris, Colton Hackel, 1:37.36; 800m run-2 Gareth Covington, 2:05.68; 3 Caden Doll, 2:14.03; 4 Bjorn Anderson, 2:16.43; 5 Carson Hespe, 2:17.86; 6 Carter Flatau, 2:20.51; 200m dash-4 Aiden Kennedy, 24.84; 9 Domanik Hagen, 26.56; 12 Jackson Mertes, 27.02; 17 Jovani Vazquez, 27.54; 21 Antonio Chavez-Granados, 30.33; 4x400m relay-1 Jakob McCleary, Gabe Thompson, Gareth Covington, Elijah Morris, 3:36.66; Long Jump-1 Levi Richter, 19-00.50; Discus-8 Gustavo Gonzalez, 83-05; 10 Jackson Mertes, 83-01; 12 Haven Roth, 77-01; Shot Put-2 Caleb Lung, 44-05.50; 10 Gustavo Gonzalez, 31-10.50; 18 Jackson Mertes, 26-07; 20 Haven Roth, 25-04; High Jump-4 Elijah Morris, 5-04; 5 Noah Novotny, 5-00; Pole Vault-1 Levi Richter, 12-06; 2 Aiden Kennedy, 12-00; 4 Noah Novotny, 10-00; 8 Noah Thompson, 8-06

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