Power Works Gym owner sets new mark

Perham's Power Works Gym owner Tom Haggenmiller set a new mark at the World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas was the site of the 22nd World Power Lifting Championships and power lifters from every state and eight countries were there to compete. Competitors advanced to the championships by winning a prior sanctioned event during the year.

Haggenmiller had a great meet, breaking the World Deadlift Record by eight pounds. The record was previously held by a lifter from Finland, with a lift of 402 pounds. Haggenmiller accomplished the feat with no supporting gear, no belt, no knee sleeves and no tight lifting suit. Haggenmiller lifted in the 181 pound weight class at 178 pounds and in the 70-year old age bracket.

Haggenmiller finished second in the World Bench Press and was first in the Bench Press, Deadlift total for another world record. Haggenmiller has lifted in 22 world meets, winning nine of them. Haggenmiller said he has lifted for most of his life, trying to stay in good shape.

The World Association of Bench Pressers and Deadlifters is the largest powerlifting organization. The meet in Las Vegas has 550 competitors lifting over a six-day period. Competitors ranged from 13 years old all the way to those in their 90's. Haggenmiller said the competition and the lifters are super strong. The WABDL has 12 bodyweight divisions and after the age of 40, the age classes are in five-to-six year increments, then you move into the master lifter class.


Haggenmiller is the owner of the Power Works Gym in Perham, which he has owned and operated for 20 years. Haggenmiller said he is happy to help anyone, who wishes to learn more about weight resistance training and to get stronger, get into shape. Haggenmiller said you don't have to be a world champion to do a little training, you just have to do a little.

Haggenmiller can be reached at 651-366-1595.

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